How to get the best out of my new NAC282

Fresh out of back surgery today I’ve treated myself to a NAC 282 to replace the Nait XS2 I’ve had serving as a pre to the NAP 200. Given I’ve used all my sympathy points with the boss on this it will be a while before I can add a Hicap or ideally a SuperCap so wanted opinion on how best to slot into my setup. Should I power the 282 from my Flatcap XS from the Nap 200 or neither what’s the perceived wisdom ?


I would try it with the xs first. I have never tried though. Only hicap or above. Is it possible to come to an arrangement with your dealer re a pre owned hicap for the xs?

You have them both so give it a go. I suspect there will be little if any difference and that the Flatcap can be sold, contributing to the Hicap DR fund.

While a HiCapDR would be the ‘best’ (in theory…), do not ignore ‘any’ HiCap… :thinking:


Thanks for the quick reply

As you can see currently everything I have is currently full width and I’m keen to keep this look, Would Two HiCap pushed together be same width as Flatcap and benefit the sound greatly ( Vs one) or once your in that territory is it worth the wait and leap to Supercap?


Pretty much, yes. But… the idea of running 2 HiCaps vs a Supercap is a minefield, with a 282 (or 82). Expect trouble ahead…

PS. I use 82 - HC -HC 250… :astonished:

Good choice. The 282 is a lovely pre amp. If you’ve got another spare SNAIC5 you can run upgrade 1 and 2 on the 282 from the Flatcap XS using two SNAIC5 cables.

If not then put the money, as others have said, towards a Hicap DR.

Hope the recovery goes well.

Ooh you have everything in tin finish, cool :wink:


2 HCs is equivalent to a full unit. See below my 2 off HCDRs above the XPSDR.

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There is no single correct answer to that question. Most think a Supercap sounds best on a 282, some prefer a single Hicap, others two Hicaps. You need to listen to these options in your own system if you want to find what actually works best for you.


If you go for the HiCap you will still need the NAPSC, so the NAPSC could go next to the HC. Visually not the same as one full width box but usually looks ok I think. :thinking:

Thanks for the guidance very helpful, I had intended to hide the NAPSC away but it might be the answer to my OCD alongside a single High Cap is it the same dimensions as a High Cap?

No, its not…

It’s smaller than the HiCap but doesn’t tend to look too out of place alongside it. It’s worth a try but not symmetrical though.

Here you go - NAPSC next to Hicap, albeit in Tin (!) finish

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Defo get a Hicap (DR). It will look OK with the NAPSC next to it. More importantly it will sound great! :grinning:

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Just done the same - it’s a few days old and barely warmed through; already sounds fantastic. The HiCapDR is 2 months old and the 200 fresh from a service. Not heard the 282 powered purely from the 200; but I can say that with a HiCap it has completely sent my modest KEFs into the stratosphere…

Don’t worry about the looks of a few additional boxes - no one is more OCD than me and I’m too busy enjoying the tunes to be bothered.


Certainly you will never get agreement on whether 2 HC’s beat a SC, but I’m sure everyone agrees 1 HC is big improvement over none, and can always be sold on later if you want to go further. Go down pre-loved should get one for ~£1k.

My HiFi fix has been supplemented by selling lots of old stuff just sitting around not being used, so that may be a way to soften the blow - plus who doesn’t love less clutter.

The only problem getting an HC is, as you will probably know, is that they are not light - so be careful with your back.

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