How to give a bit of more energy to the music in naim setup

I have a NDS connected with Chord indigo din to NAC 282,
NAP 250 DR and hicap DR, boxes are PMC twenty5 26
speakers cables WH phantom, very classical set up.
I love the sound, never fatiguing and almost analogical, perfect for jazz, vocal and classical music.
sometimes I would like to give a bit of more presence, more thrill,
boost a bit the medium high and open them up slightly for pop/rock music:
any suggestion?
silver interconnect might help? change of speakers cable?
anybody had same experience?

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Hi, I can think of a couple of possibilities.

Get a 555PS for your NDS.

Consider ND5XS2/NDAC as an alternative to NDS as to me it has a sound signature more in line with what you are looking for.


thanks Chris, I’m looking for 555 Ps, waiting something interesting.
do you think it will change the sound approach?

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Try the Naim lavender interconnect between NDS and 282.


For me the change from NDS/XPS DR to NDS/555DR was transformational and as big an upgrade as from NDX/XPS DR to NDS/XPS DR.

It’s a no brainer upgrade as long as you have the funds.


Gently turn the volume knob clockwise.


…and some 5m+ lengths of NACA5 should do the trick.


There a few things to try….

Given the costs involved, I would suggest trying a different interconnect first, as @HungryHalibut suggests, though of course lavender Naim is not the only option. Just make sure you can return it if any alternative cable turns out not to be the answer.

Many swear by the suggested 555PS. If you don’t mind the faff, you can probably buy one second-hand and move it for little net cost of you don’t like what it does.

If that doesn’t work, and/ or you find any cable changes that help with some music make other music less appealing, then it may be worth finding someone from whom you can borrow other boxes to try.

A 252 might be worth trying -it probably won’t give more vigour per se, but its greater control overall may let you do as suggested above and play music that demands volume a touch louder.

More important, a 252 would make sense if you opt to try one final experiment that may well help - a s/h 252 paired with a s/h 300DR.

While I am a big fan of the old 250 and still use one in Tasmania, the switch to a 300DR was a big help with the B&W 804 D3s in Wimbledon - more grip, more detail and more vigour when required.

It could be that punchy, driving music needs a bit more oomph to get your PMCs singing in just the way you want - in which case a 252/SC/300DR might well be the perfect solution. Whether the likely total cost is worth it to you may be a different matter of course.


But… those are available for very little money, on a well know auction site.
Have to be worth trying… :open_mouth:


Thanks a lot, all valuable suggestions. 555 ps is on top of my list, I would consider also 5 mts of nac a5 as Christian suggests.


Thabks, I suppose b&W have also a different brightness amd punch

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Are any of your boxes due for a recap?

What about the power delivery to your system? I use an AC regenerator, which I think is great.

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Swap the Bluesound Node 2i for ND5XS2.

This is especially important if that’s your main source, and not just for exploring new music.

There was another thread recently where someone did that and could not believe the transformation it made to his system.


We tested the B&Ws against the PMCs one size below yours. The B&Ws won on cohesive musicality and detail at lower volumes and a bit more bass grip when really giving it volume, but the difference was really not large in any area. In another room, esp with less space around the speakers, I might well have picked differently.

In Tasmania, in a room with an odd ceiling and reflections, I have my old 250. Room shape and the ability of a 250 to drive Fun and Vigour from the speakers (not the speakers’ ability to deliver either in an absolute sense) are why PMC lost out there too - we shipped out a pair of ex-dem Neat Xplorers.


With a non Naim PS for the NDS in the mix, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on. The 555 PS seems to be the way to go. It’s the NDS’s natural partner.

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Yes, 555PS should be a priority.


How about 2nd hicap on the 282?

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Its a (relatively) cheap thing to try… HiCap’s can be found, pre-loved. But - in this apllication (or similarly on a NAC82), the 2 HiCaps should - ideally - be matched. So should be of similar spec & age - and service state.

[Declaration of Vested Interest - I use 2 HiCaps on my NAC82. Both are regularly serviced. They are not identical - they are from 1986 and 1990. But they do both have the same Holden & Fischer transformer. Works for me, but YMMV… ]

PS. Remove & replace any non-Naim PSU’s as a first priority.

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Thanks Richard, do you think recent nac a5 are the same of 10 years ago or did they change? I saw big changes in time in naim boxes, despite being the same model the design changed and also some features, is it the same with cables? Thanks

AFAIK NACA5 has remained unchanged. Only thing I would want to do with an older set though would be to check the soldering and check for any strand breaks. To be safe I’d probably chop off the old connectors and solder on some new Naim SA8 speaker connectors.