How to hide a large flat screen

We have a lot of AV gubbins on the wall as shown here.

The room is currently a work in progress but we installed a curtain rail that curves at the edges but otherwise runs wall to wall 35cm from the back.

Curtains currently being made up floor to ceiling. When shut, only the stereo speakers sit in front of them. In our case the curtains will be a strong vibrant color to offset the walls.


You could use acoustically transparent curtains and hide the speakers as well!

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Nice. I like the look of those ceiling tiles too.

Some systems have TV’s coming up out of the floor. Others from the ceiling. Some hide away in a cabinet. I don’t have money or space for these so played art and fireplace images in the TV. Now even that has failed, because the newer TV tech has reintroduced burn-in. Go figure.

That is all Mrs. FZ. She mandated a soundproof room and the colour of the walls and ceiling tiles was all her. It’s a Daiken brand acoustic room (within a room), though as it is over the garage I did not bother with a soundproof floor.

To be honest, the room isn’t very nice yet. After we moved so many other things took priority. The goal isn’t dark and gloomy but dark backgrounds to make bright artwork and ornaments “pop”. We just don’t have any yet, though the white piano against the dark grey on an out-of-shot wall looks great.


I have considered it in the past, but other than that there’s also the issue that the height you hang art at is not the same height you want your TV at. I think it would just end up looking weird. And in a way attract more attention than the black slab. After all, many people have the latter in their room.

Alternatives are to get TVs which are slightly less ugly (although will still be a black slab), like Samsung’s the Serif or the B&O ones.
If money is not object, LG has a TV that rolls up.
I’ve heard Ultra Short Throw projectors don’t do badly in a bright room, but I’m not sure whether that’s relative to a regular or short throw projector or a regular TV.

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We wanted to site a 55" TV in an “Arts and Crafts’” themed room, so had an oak cabinet with stained glass panels made to take the TV, soundbar and Hifi. It will house a 65" model but at the time this was made they weren’t so common.

The Linn is sitting on a Quadraspire stand spiked though the carpet to the concrete floor and the 82/Hicaps/250/NDX etc are on glass and Naim cups and balls.

No ideal but it sounds great and we love the look.


This looks good indeed. But this would be too massive for my lounge.

I found a company that makes printed rollable covers. That seems promising! I could make an enclosure and use this to hide it when not in use. Without the issue of a large TV rising too high for comfortable viewing.


Out of curiosity I googled, and found one, but whilst the width of a box (coffee table) to house it only needs to be a touch wider than the TV, it seems it has to be a lot longer than I expected - something like 6ft! But only 10" clearance needed under. The length is no problem of course for its design use under a bed, but may be odd in a lounge! Also needs quite a bit of room behind the box for it to slide out before tilting up. It is fully powered, operated bt remote control:
The shocking thing is the cost: £15k! Maybe there are others…

Far more affordable, but with the disadvantage of visibility, is a retractable ceiling mount. This one apparently will take up to a 70" TV, and only costs £400, and it’s even motorised!

That one would position TV too high to be comfortable, at least for me, but it might be that they are made with different “drops” - I haven’t searched to see. And I wonder if you can use it upside down, and slide a box with one open side over it when down, the box acting like a fixed coffee table where the screen sits, when TV not in use, or a coffee table somewhere forward of it when in use, the coffee table just marginally larger than the horizontal screen.

I don’t know if this helps, but we’ll be moving house in a year or two and one of the key elements is having a separate room for the telly. Not a big room, just separate with a door.
But you’ve either got a room for this or you don’t.

The Pottery Barn was selling a large easel on wheels for use with a Flat Scree. My thought was how handy& streaming makes so all you need is a power receptacle

PS The easel allows vertical movement up/down.

Many years ago I went down this road and bought a cabinet with a motorised lift. It suffered from the problem you mention - too high when raised.

After much thought I concluded that, when I became rich and famous, I’d buy a designer house with sufficient space under the floorboards to hide a flat screen tv on a platform
under a false floorboard and it would elegantly appear and disappear accordingly.

As TV’s have got bigger, this seems even less likely - but I still think it’s the most elegant theoretical solution.

In our bedroom, we do have a lift hidden into a white mdf cabinet at the end of our bed. This works very well and is rather more elegant IMHO than some sold by the major bed retailers. It was made for me by a company in Essex.

Why Don’t You…

No hiding or storage required :slight_smile:

For something that is flat I also found a good solution, in theory that is. The company Klink & Osse make a mechanism that hides in a flat cabinet. See video.

They don’t make any furniture though and this can only be used in custom cabinet. The cost of the mechanism is prohibative. Don’t remember the exact cost but I think it was 3,5K euro. And a nice custom cabinet will easily set you back another 3k. So the total was just too expensive for hiding a TV.

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For the bedroom a tv lift will work fine indeed. It needs to clear the bed and smaller sizes make sense at your feet distance.

Is it better to get a 4K projector, and some sort of retractable, motorized screen?

My plan is to hang something in front of the wall mounted TV, a bit like a tapestry or think of a Persian rug. Alternatively something made from an attractive piece of material or even a collage with some absorbent material behind like a thick curtain or a thin duvet This giving some more absorption.

I saw an interview with George Clooney and a room furnished in a beautifully minimalist way, and he had exactly that, so if it’s good enough for him…

I just haven’t yet found the right material.