How to hide a large flat screen


Agreed. I’ve got a thing about bedroom TV’s stuck high up on a wall surrounded by wires.

For our living room, we went with a very low bench (with just one shelf) made from stained railway sleepers. Our eyeline is top middle of a 55” screen. It’s not perfect but I think it’s much better a little low and out the way, than dominating the room.

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Here in the States they make kits that allow you to hide the cables when mounting your TV on a wall mounted bracket or pivoting arm. On interior walls you use a hole saw behind the TV and at the base of the wall to make a penetration for a cable raceway. Just drop the lines thru the hole and no unsightly wires dangling all over. The cut-outs can be fitted with a large grommet for aesthetics.

What chair do you have in that photo?

Hide the TV you say?

Our TV hides our crap 1990s “fireplace” :grimacing:


10 years if used 8h/day every day… so I’ll be good till 2068 at least :joy:

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