How to import music back up to Unitiserve?

Hi my Unitiserve has just come back from being repaired & serviced by Naim, it wouldn’t boot up & also the cd drive was no longer working.

Plugged it in & all working fine, however Naim have also replaced the hard drive but they haven’t transferred my music across (prior to not booting up it would play the music files fine). In the past when it’s gone back to Naim for replacement hard drives it always came back with all the music transferred & intact.

Fortunately I have a back of all the music but cannot figure out how to import the music files back on the Unitiserve hard drive, I’ve looked at the manual but it doesn’t say anything about this.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!


When I had a UnitiServe, it was one the SSD ones, and I was using a NAS. With that, I had the ability to promote a share to a store (and vice versa). When I changed NAS, I would copy the music to a NAS volume, add the volume as a share (so that the UnitiServe would see it and index all of the songs), and then promote the share to a store.

The other way of adding music is to move it to the download folder on the UnitiServe, and the box will index it from there. The only hassle with this approach is that I’m not sure how well the UnitiServe allows you to manage metadata in the download folder (my Core won’t allow me to edit metadata there)

The other thing that you could try, which should work, would be to copy all of the music (using the folder structure you had) onto the disk, and then get the UnitiServe to reindex all its music (I think the option was called rebuild database or something like that). That would probably be the easiest approach

I would have thought a simple “copy and paste” into the correct folder on the UnitiServe would do the trick.
All the metadata and file information would be contained within the folder anyway, as long as your backup was an identical copy of the contents of your old hard drive.

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