How to keep Uniti1 connected to wi-fi network?

Hi All,
I have recently added a Uniti1 to my 552/300/CD555 to benefit from Internet Radio with a wifi connection to the network. The issue I have is that it does not keep the network and password stored and I have to re-enter that info every time I restart the Uniti if I have turned it off. Is that how it is meant to be or have I missed a setting? Thanks for your help.

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The wifi probably isn’t strong enough. The first generation Naim streamers really need wired ethernet to work reliably.

Despite the shortcomings of the Uniti WiFi module you shouldn’t need to enter a password more than once. After you have set up WiFi it should connect automatically in future without the need to enter your login details or password again. Perhaps your router has been set up to ask for it?

Ideally you should use wired Ethernet for reliable performance. Connecting a cable will automatically override the wireless connection.

Thanks for the info.

OK, I get it, I will set up a wired Ethernet connection.