How to make sure I'm getting the best possible sound from Nait 5i amp

hi all, I’ve recently bought a used Naim Nait 5i amp, and I’ve noticed that using a decent (Chord) RCA to DIN interconnect from my Wiim Pro Plus streaming box has noticeably improved the sound quality. I’m listening via Qobuz > Wiim Pro Plus > Nait 5i amp > Celestion Ditton 33 speakers, and it sounds really great to my ears!

What other reasonably affordable tips could you give me on making sure that I get the best sound quality out of the Nait 5i amp?

I do know that many Naim users recommend also using a Naim power supply to power their amps - but I think those are currently outside of my budget! Is there a third-party power supply upgrade option that would somehow help to boost sound quality? (Or am I just looking for problems that aren’t really there?).

Any thoughts, tips, advice and help from more experienced Naim uses massively appreciated, as ever! ! :pray:


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Discussion of third party power supplies for Naim equipment is not permitted on the Forum, which is lucky for you as you can’t add a power supply to a Nait 5i anyway. Take a look at the back and ask yourself where you’d connect one. I’d suggest that the best thing to do is save for an ND5XS2, and in the meantime sit back and enjoy what you have.


Ta. Good advice! It sounds bloody marvellous. I was just a bit unsure about power supplies, after seeing lots of chatter on here and on Naim FB groups about external power supplies, but I think you’ve answered my question here :slight_smile:

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All depends on the budget you could invest. The least expensive would be a Cisco 2960 switch ( second hand, around 50 euros).
The most, a Naim Nd5xs2 streamer, much better vs the Wiiim Pro Plus.
Between those upgrades, a Naim powerline on the Nait .

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What loudspeaker cables are you using?


Fairly decent Chord speaker cables, can’t remember the product name of them. Speaker cables Archives - The Chord Company

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Hi Adam, I would suggest you improve the support that your amp and streaming box sit on. People on the forum have used plate glass resting on dome steel nuts to good effect. It improves PRAT and space between instruments. You will, in effect, be getting a much better version of the sound you are enjoying. Best wishes Amer

Hi Adam

For a while at least, I’d forget about keeping on trying to tweak the system to “improve” the sound quality. It’s can become a process that never ends and makes it easy to forget that musical enjoyment is the real objective. Instead, I’d spend the time listening to lots of music on your great-sounding system.


Hello Adam

An external power supply is not available but a power cord is and I use Chord Shawline on two of my three Naim units (the other uses a full Naim Power Cord) .

I tweaked my Naim CD5si by using isolation pucks , this is controversial to some but enables me to hear a much better mid band

In other words I went through the same process on the CD player as I am describing for your Nait and there is a discernible uplift in sound

best wishes

If you are in North America, I suggest an Av Options SuperWiremold outlet strip. It is a power strip made especially for Naim gear.
Best to avoid cheap power strips and power conditioners with Naim gear.

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Good tip - where did you get the isolation pucks?

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Audiot , other isolation pucks and dealers are available


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