How to make Tidal work in a Uniti Nova

Hello everyone. Spotifer suckered me in with their announcement of Spotify hifi. I have waited all year for it to happen - but to no avail. They now say “sure - it’s still coming but we’re not going to tell you how or when”! Well I’m not falling for it again. So - I am cancelling my Spotify subscription and I have signed up with Tidal. But - it seems the Tidal interface is not quite as straightforward as the Spotify one. Or, at least, I haven’t learnt how to work it properly yet. So I have a few questions I hope someone may be able to help me with: -

  1. As far as I can see I can’t cast hi-res (mqa) files to my Nova. Is this correct or is there some method I have not yet discovered?
  2. I can cast to the Nova from both my phone and my tablet but NOT from my Windows laptop. Neither the Nova nor Chromecast appear on the list of devices I can cast to. Again, is this correct or am I missing something.
  3. I can’t access Tidal directly from the Naim app. When I tap the Tidal icon I get a message saying “Subscription required” with no way of making further progress. I can’t find any way of entering my subscription details. I feel sure this can’t be right - or why bother putting a Tidal icon in the app? But what am I missing?
    I don’t mind not having hi-res playback - but I’d like to try it if it’s technically feasible. The above are all more irritants than deal breakers but I’d like to fix them if it can be done.
    I hope some of you have been here before and can point me in the right direction. I’m quite certain that many of you have greater technical knowledge than I do. Thanks (in anticipation) for your help.

Just go to Settings > Input Settings > Tidal and log in with the same user name and password you used when you opened a Tidal account. Give Qobuz a try too!

The best way is to use the Naim app, for sound quality.
Try to log out Tidal everywhere , then log in in the Naim app.

Thank you both. That has fixed problem No. 3. I can now log in to Tidal from the Naim App. (Although, rather oddly, I entirely failed to log out of Tidal on either my phone or tablet!)

Anyone got any ideas on Nos. 1 and 2?

Naim do not support MQA. I prefer the SQ of Qobuz as Chris suggested?

Thanks Gazza. I will spend a bit of time trying Tidal - then I will give Qobuz a go. From what I read I got the impression that Tidal had a bigger library than Qobuz. I guess I’ll find out.

Which leaves No.2. Should I be able to cast Tidal from my laptop to the Nova? (Or indeed Chromecast Audio?) Spotify can do this.

I haven’t done a direct comparison with Spotify yet - but I will before my subscription expires. From what I’ve heard so far Tidal (at cd quality) is sounding pretty good.

Yes Tidal is better from a library point of view though Qobuz is not bad.

  1. There is no MQA support, you can get 16/44.1 lossless, or proper 24 bit lossless from Qobuz.

  2. When you use services with native support within the Naim app you are not casting from that device. It’s just acting as a remote, but the stream goes directly from your network connection to the streamer.
    If you have a source that supports Chromecast you should be able to cast it to the Nova as long as the Chromecast input has been enabled. It’s not always well implemented by many services so if you can use services controlled within the Naim app you will probably get better sound quality, control and reliability.

As well as using the Naim App, you can enjoy TIDAL on your Nova via TIDAL Connect - this means you can use the TIDAL App (Phone, tablet or desktop) rather than the Naim App, but still enjoy better quality than Chromecast. Guide here:

Thanks ChrisSU: -

  1. Duly noted.
  2. The source does indeed support Chromecast. And Chromecast is enabled in the Nova app. As I say I have been doing this without difficulty using Spotify so it seems to me that I OUGHT to be able to do the same thing. But neither the Nova nor Chromecast Audio show up on the list of places I can cast to.

Hi Clare. Thanks for that. Looking at the guide you sent I APPEAR to be doing everything right. But whatever I do I can’t get the Nova to appear in the list of options. I have been trying to do the same thing with Chromecast Audio as well just in case it is some issue specific to the Nova. But they both resolutely refuse to appear! Yet if I open Spotify there they are. And both still work fine. I just feel I’m doing something wrong - but can’t work out what!!!

Here’s some things to check:
In the Naim App, under settings check you’re running the latest firmware for your Uniti Nova - 3.8
Check you’re also on the latest version of the Naim App (5.23 for Apple iOS devices; 2.23 for Android)
Check again that you have the TIDAL input enabled on your Nova

Once all that is done, power down your devices - not just swipe up the App - and restart them.

Wow Clare - that did it!! xx
It was the powering down and back up again that did it. Genius - that’s obviously why you work for Naim and I don’t!

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