How to play multiroom turntable sound between Mu-so 2 and Qb2


I would like to be able to play my vinyl in a multiroom set up between a Naim Mu-so 2 and a Naim Mu-so Qb2

I have:
A rega planar 2 turntable with a cambridge audio 64OP preamp
a Mu-so 2nd generation
a Mu-so Qb 2nd generation

I would like to:
a. connect my regar planar 2 turntable to my Mu-so 2nd generation in my living room
b. be. able to multiroom the turntable signal from my Mu-so 2 in my living room to my Mu-so QB2 in my kitchen, so I can listen to my vinyl on the Qb2 in my kitchen, and simultaneously on both Mu-sos

What do I need to do? Any devices I need to install? Which input on the Mu-so 2nd gen. should I use? how should it be set up?

All best

Question a) use the 3.5mm stereo jack socket on the right side of the muso. You will need a stereo rca to 3.5mm jack plug interconnect.

Question b) you cant use multiroom with the analogue input. To allow you to do this, you would need a phono stage with optical output that you can connect to the optical input on the back of the muso.

Eg this one from project

Have those clowns who write stuff in the Naim Support thingy been telling porkies again?

Upnp input; multiroom available bottom right.

Analogue input, no multiroom.

Hi Robert,
Thanks so much for your kind and great reply, I will go for the optical box solution, looking so much forward!


hi again Robert,

I bought the project optical box E and installed it. my rega planar is connected to it and with an optical cable I have connected the project optical box to the muso 2.

choosing the digital input I can play records throught the muso-2. but there is no option to multiroom the signal to my mu-so qb2 in the kitchen.

I have attached a photo of the app screen with the digital input where the multiroom icon is missing.

what should I do to make it work? You mention the upnp input, what is that? I don’t seem to get this option in the naim focal app?

Thanks a lot!

The UPnP input is called the Server input on the Muso 2, but it’s not relevant here as you are using the Digital input.
Sometimes I find that the multiroom button (4 squares) doesn’t appear in an input unless it’s actually playing something.
According to Naim’s documentation you can use Multiroom with any input, but I’m beginning to doubt that this includes the external digital input, in which you are out of luck. Maybe worth asking Naim support to confirm what actually is supposed to work here.

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