How to put "Unknown Database" ripped music in the Artist Folder

Hello everyone. I didn’t find a related topic and I am not a native English speaker, but here I go…

I have been ripping my CD Collection using NAIM Unity Star. I have ripped an entire artist collection and all the Cds appeared in the Naim App in the same folder under the Artist name. However, some albums are not in the database so I have to manually enter the metadata. When this happen that CD ends up in a different folder so in the App I have 2 Folders with the same Artist name. Is there and way to get all the albums in just one artist folder when using the app?

Thnks so much for your help

There’s a shortcoming with the Uniti Core (watch I expect you’re encountering with your star) that edits to albums are only applied to the metadata, not the file names.

If this is what you’re encountering, if you’re ripping in FLAC you could copy the offending albums to your PC or Mac, change the file names using your favourite metadata tool (I use MP3tag), and then copy back to the downloads folder on your Star. This will leave you with two copies of the albums in your album list, so you would need to delete the original rip using the Naim app.

It’s a bug/dumb feature that has existed with the new generation Naim rippers, and we’ve had a feature request to fix it for a couple of years now. The old UnitiServe would change file names and folder locations on editing, but for some reason this wasn’t carried forward into the current iterations.

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