How to reach the mods?

Hello - I have a question for the moderators, but I cannot send a message to Richard Dane, or the moderator group. I’m sure they will see this and respond. Sorry if this is the wrong process!


Adding an @ in front will flag to the user

I agree that it would be good if there was a means other than starting a thread for the purpose or abusing an existing one.

Especially if there’s more so the burden can be shared instead of everyone bothering Richard personally all the time. What if he’s on holiday?

Otherwise, if appropriate, when you post something you can flag your own post, with a note saying what the issue is.

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Ok trying the “@” trick. Moderators I have a suggested for the FAQ section. Time permitting, please message me here on the forum and we can discuss. Thank You

You have to @ the specific person. E.g. @Richard.Dane - but no need as with MaxiMe and my posts Richard will undoubtedly see next time he is online, I guess in the morning.

Cool. Thanks all!

You can just flag a post as “something else” and send me a message that way.

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