How to stream on more than one Naim streamer

I am using a Naim ND5XS running firmware 4.7 and a Muso QB2 on the same wifi network but I cannot work out how to get them to play at the same time.
If I choose the ND5 then the Muso cuts out and vice versa.
Can anyone advise me what I need to do to get this to work properly ?
Thanks in advance

You need to touch the multiroom button, which is the four squares at bottom right. Bear in mind that if the ND5XS is playing high res, multiroom won’t work, which could be your problem. Both players need to be on the same network. Remember also that multiroom only works on certain inputs; upnp and iRadio should be fine. You would be well advised to update the ND to 4.8 to give maximum functionality.

Thanks I will try that.
Would you be able to advise as to how to update the Firmware because I cannot find a working link on the Naim support website

The download and instructions can be found here:

If you’ve done this type of streamer update before it’s easy, but when doing it for the first time it can seem a little daunting. Just follow the instructions to the letter.

Thank you for the link but the section with actual download link to the firmware update no longer works
I see what you mean by daunting; having read through the instructions Naim could really do with upgrading the software side of the business because this is ridiculously complicated.
Other manufacturers facilitate firmware upgrades via a USB stick very simple and straightforward. They also keep their website firmware links up to date and available.

Naim’s current products all use ‘over the air’ firmware updates, but you are using a platform that was designed a long time ago, so you’ll just have to accept it.

I’ve just tried downloading the firmware update here and it works fine for me.

Hi Chris can u post me the actual firmware download link that you used ?
I get this message when I try do it - ( but Im on a Mac which may be the issue)

Hi, the link above takes me to this page:

From there, the links to the update and instructions all work for me, also on a Mac.

And for me, on an M2 MacBook.

Actual Mac download link to update file
Clicking on my comment above should take you there.