How to turn off iradio streaming at night

I wish to turn off my iradio streaming at night (ND5XS)
At the moment I either mute the Nait XS or turn of the power to the streamer (not ideal)
Cannot find it in the manual

On the front panel, the button on the bottom left of the 9 is marked Stop. That should do it, the Stop button on a 272 stops the stream and the manual suggests that the NDX and ND5XS work that way too.

You’d be better off with the app on your phone or tablet, it’s much easier to control it with that. It’s how it’s designed to be used; go with it rather than try to work against it. In the app you tap the banner across the bottom and in the next screen that pops up is a Stop Stream icon. Tap that.

Thanks HouseholdNaim
That will do for now until I get to grips with the app

The quickest way is to touch stop stream in the iPad/Android now playing screen
There is an internet time (on & running) limit that can be selected in settings

I don’t see that in the Naim app, Mike. The inability to turn off the radio stream has irritated me for ages.

It’s not on the XS2 I believe, but is on the legacy platform.

You can stop the iRadio stream by pressing stop on the remote if that is easier than the stop button on the streamer.

or just switch to a different input type…

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The ND5XS is a ‘legacy’
Switching to a different input does not stop the internet connection

This is the Stop Stream touch command on the Now Playing screen that I use

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You have to:
close the now playing screen,
Open another input
Navigate to a track or album
Hit play
Stop play
Clear queue

Just because they forgot the off button. First world problem, I admit, but still, it was a schoolboy error. Fortunately, there is a fix in the pipeline to reinstate the Stop Stream button, so Naim must have got fed up with us moaning at them!

The fix is in this update…

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