How to view scanned cd booklets and pdf while using Asset?

Hi all
My streamer finally arrived after 7 months of waiting and I am just getting my head around configuring and using Asset working of a Synology drive.
I have a question regarding viewing scanned cd booklets (located in a folder together with the ripped CD) and pdf booklets often provided with digital downloads.
I don’t think it is possible to view them from within the Asset (Folder & Filename Browsing).
If not, what do you use to view them (if you ever do it) while playing a particular album?
I can always split the screen on the tablet and use a file explorer to navigate to a particular folder to open and view jpgs but it is not an elegant solution.

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Its not possible to read the material you list with Asset or any UPnP software that I’m aware of using iPad/Phone or Android devices. Maybe worth you posting the question on the Asset (dBp) forum.

I read whatever .pdf & other material supplied with downloads or CD rips when I first acquire them, that said most supplied with downloads are not worth the bother, more info can be had on www. But if the materiel is interesting I will read but I invariably discard
With CD’s once its read, it goes back in the box, is stored & forgotten.

The missing part of streaming. When someone cracks this…

Roon will present images and PDF’s saved in the same folder as the music. It will also expose the PDF’s where QoBuz has them.

Images are done well and are native to the application but PDF’s are opened in an external viewer which works OK but is not very elegant.

I made quite an effort to save PDF’s etc but have to admit I rarely look at them!

I think Minimserver will allow you to view information files (eg. booklets) stored in the same folder as the music files, at least if using certain control points. However, I believe the only current control point which can do this is BubbleDS, which is Android only. As I only have IOS, I’ve not been able to try it out so no idea how well it works.


That’s what I do for local streaming and although it’s somewhat clunky, it’s not such a bad solution. Lightning DS, the control point I use with my streamer, can display booklets when streaming from Qobuz, if Qobuz provides them. But viewing it takes you away from the track list and you have to keep jumping back and forth if you want, say, to play a track you’re just reading about. The split-screen option has some merit in my view.


Thank you gentlemen. No can do then. It would be marvellous if Asset allows browsing and would lunch additional viewer ( even external one)
I agree most of the cd booklets are rubbish but those reissue ones are often full of additional stuff which would be nice to re-read from time to time when the music plays

I use Minimserver and Bubbleupnp as controlpoint to show booklet.pdf when stored in the album folder. Works smooth once you have found the settings in Minimserver…

Given that you have a phone or tablet to control your streamer, that gives you the entire www at your fingertips on a device you are already holding in your hand. Wikipedia, the artists website, Discogs etc. etc. are all just a few taps away. I’m not sure how much more a CD booklet has to offer.

This works for downloads: I take the pdf of the booklet, downloaded from the web with the music tracks, then copy it to a separate folder on my Mac. This folder can then be copied into the iPad and read there, whilst listening to the disc. If you use iCloud, then the booklets folder can be stored and accessed via iCloud on other apple devices.

Presumably a similar method could be used using google docs or Microsoft’s equivalent, for non-apple users?

I think that only works on Android and we’re an IOS household.


I used to use my iPad to access my scanned CD art and booklets. These files are stored on an external hard drive connected to my iMac. The original CDs are up in the loft, and are not arranged in any order up there.

I could access these on the iPad via my home network, but can’t recall the name of the program I used to use to do so. The are on high shelves, so a little difficult to easily access, and the CDs are in the loft. Hence, the first thing I

Nowadays I just get out of my listening chair, walk a few feet, and look them up directly on the iMac. Well, at least it’s a bit of ‘exercise’!

I will admit that the main reason I am checking is usually because I want to know who wrote a particular piece, or who is playing one of the instruments.

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