How to watch Champions League?

I want to watch the CL final at my mum’s who doesn’t have sky or virgin and no BT sport.

She has virgin media broadband.

I have a virgin media box at home.

Any cleaver one-off techie suggestions


BT are contractually required by UEFA to make the final available free, so it’ll be on their YouTube channel, and maybe via their website.

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As @HouseholdNaim says, should be on Youtube, at least was the last few times. Get yourself/your mum a Chromecast dongle to get it onto the TV and Bob’s your uncle.

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If you have Virgin TV at home, is it not available on their TV Go app?

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Or look for an integrated YouTube App on her TV - most modern TVs come with a range of Apps built-in.


You shouldn’t have much problem hooking the game up. Fourth outing this year for Chelsea v City, it better be good!
Don’t forget the ‘more interesting’ game next wednesday night, when Man U lift the Europa Cup (I hope!) :grinning:

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