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How do you quote the text of the post you are replying to, in a subsequent post?

Which button does it?

Just highlight it then click ‘reply’


like this

Click on Quote, but the principle is the same.

Edit - ah, I see both ways work. Bless me.

On an iPhone you press and hold your finger on the text you want to quote, then drag the little blue markers to select the exact text you want. On a computer it’s essentially the same, but you just drag the cursor over the required text.

But how can I reply to a specific post in such a way thet my reply will display the clickable “reply” arrow on the upper right side?

If I click the “reply to” arrow on the composer window, I see a “Reply as linked topic” message with the subtitle “Create a new topic linked to this topic”. This is not what I want to do!

You need to reply to the specific post. There’s a curved reply arrow just under each post. Click that and then reply. Obviously it doesnt work if you are replying to the last post on the thread before yours…

Thanks Richard, but that’s what I am doing all the time! I typically click the curved arrow on the bottom right of a specific post that is, the last icon after “like this post”, “share a link to this post” and “bookmark this post”. This brings me into an edit window where I can see (on the top of the window) a curly arrow with your avatar and your name. But then, when I am done with composing my reply and I select “Reply”, nothing happens. The only means that I am left with for referring to a previous post is explicit quoting, as I have done for this post!

If you are replying to the last post on s thread then nothing should happen - there’s no need. But if replying to a post earlier in the thread then there should be a a button that can be pressed so scrwsdef can see the original post elsewhere in the thread that you’re specifically replying to.

That’s what I would expect but that button does not appear in my case, no matter whether I use Firefox or Chrome. That’s really weird but that’s not the only odd thing: trying to delete a test post also yields a screen with no confirm or abort button. In order to complete the action (delete a post), I have to select the “back” arrow in the browser!


But, er, I’d be more impressed if just clicking the reply button did it…

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