How warm us your Nap500 at idle?

Hi my 500dr idles at just over luke warm to the touch…is this normal? when running it appears to get slightly hotter… just wondered how others have found their’s…the room it resides in is quite warm approx 22deg…

Mine is in a cupboard with little space around it. Soon to be mounted on a Fraim. It has been that way for a numbrt of years with no problems. To get the fan/s on it would need a good loud session in the summer months.
The amp is designed to work in hotter ambient temperatures than the UK.
Mine is warm to the touch most of the time. Juat enjoy it .

Mine varies
At worst it is mildly warm especially when playing system at higher volumes for couple hours.
Mostly it is barely warmer than if it were shut off.
When not playing (but left on of course) it not warm at all- at idle

At idle, running with Naim’s recommended speaker cabling, it should be cool and no more than very slightly warm to the touch. Different speaker cabling can make the amp run hotter. What speaker cable are you using Richieroo?

I am running Super Lumina…so it should be ok. Would a higher capacitance cable make the amp run hotter???

If the amp were stressed by unsuitable cable then they can run from fairly warm to hot. I once tried a high capacitance low inductance cable on my NAP250.2 and it got very hot to the touch (didn’t sound very good either).

Wow that’s to be avoided then…cheers thanks for heads up…

Today’s HiFi News web page reprints Martin Colloms’ original review of the NAP500 under the banner ‘Vintage HiFi’ ! Previous honour in this area went to the Hitachi HT-L70 turntable from 1979…


It’s a great amp…the DR certainly lifted it’s performance probably more than the other Naim amps…

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