How would you advise/ help

A good friend of mine wants a system to play his collection of lps( size unknown).
He has heard my system and wants to have own set up.
But here is the rub, he has a limited budget. Likely to be about £1000. All in.

How do I advise?

He would be intimated by a dealer. Not least by his budget. I need to play this carefully as he has put this decision once before as it got a bit hard for him.

Speakers will be second hand. And sub £100? From eBay?

Cables I could provide for free ( but he’ll not be getting my RCA Chord Signaures)

A second hand integrated? MF Xa2 can be had for £200ish. Doubt he’ll get a nait for that.

A phono stage is likely to be a cheapish rega?

TT. Rega 1 or 2 or what?

Whilst the budget is £1000, he’ll want to spend less. So I need to tread carefully. But I do want him to enjoy his vinyl again.

Rega System One ?


Great start. Not even thought of that!

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I was going to suggest the same and a small Rega CD player later on ?

Nait 5i, rp1 plus auction site speakers. Wharfedale, MS, Mission, Tannoy will all be affordable and work well.

Don’t discount something like a second hand A R Cambridge A60 and a Planar3 with some suitable speakers, a lot of bang for your pound in there

I think a used RP3 and some used bookshelf speakers for £100 would be the mark. A Nait 3 with phono stage would be within budget. Linn K20 speaker cables to keep price down. Maybe a used CD player and rack. Should be able to do it all within £1000.

I started with a used rega 3. This guy is unlikely to want to upgrade. What he starts with will be it. Lucky sod.
But sometimes things like a used rega 3 can be not any better than a rega 1 or 2. Assuming rega improve stuff as times go on, and previous owners have not buggered anything. Otherwise the new rega 1 starts to look good.

You can get of lot of bookshelf speaker for £100 used.

I’m going yo have to be carefull here.
You know what it’s like suggesting stuff, then even pointing to certain “bargains” on ebay. You end up being the first line technical support!
I’m OK with where where cables go etc. Just less interested when it goes wrong. Especially if they’ve buggered things up!

Are you in the UK or Europe?

UK. Kent.

Don’t forget; if you know what you’re looking for - R.Sounds can also be a good ‘bargain’ (new) price place :blush:
I agree with the above Rega set up though.

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If he likes your set up I still think starting with a 5i and an RP1 is the way forward.

Good point. Forgot about Richers. Like you said, you’ve got to know your stuff before you go in otherwise any guess what you’ll get sold.
Although perhaps less intimidating to most than our favourite proper hifi shops.

Project Debut Carbon. Evo.
Peachtree M35 powered speakers with phono.

All in for around £800

Then he can also go streaming with these speakers at a later time.

I think/hope the new P1 is matte black, not the bling gloss black color.

Project was my other option. Dont know too much about their range. I guess i/he will have to fire Google and find out.

That rega system one. Definitely, don’t muck about, for 999 it’s an absolute bargain. We saw it at the launch at Bristol hifi show 2020. Omg that set up grooved. It’s like buying an amp and speakers and the rest … turntable and all cables… are thrown in for free.


It is the stress free/risk free option for both him and me. He just needs to stump up the grand.
I dare not tell him my cartridge cost nearly a grand!