HT#2 for Mountain Home-Apogee Aurigas

My latest Purchase. Apogee Auriga On Wall Ribbons for HT#2 at my Mountain Retreat. Got them off the Bay in great shape. The power amp is an Adcom GFA 555 which was my father’s, circa 1985. Use the Toslink out from the TV and run it thru a Toslink to d/a with volume control to the Adcom. Have Sat TV and a dvd/cd player going into the Samsung 55, and use it for source selection.

Its pretty sweet right now, and the sound is very nice. They have 6 1/2 inch woofers and 3/4 inch ribbons for the top, crossed over in the midrange. I just love putting together legacy systems and it’s remarkable how well they sound with a little bit of new tech. At some point I may add a streamer.

Apogee Aurigas

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