Hum Buzz Solved by Replacing Speaker cable SN3 NDX2

Dear All,

Sharing my experience here and a question for any suggestions.

After recently getting the SN3 and NDX2, I was getting a hum/buzz in one of the speakers. After a lot of troubleshooting (using help from the forum posts), I was almost ready to give up as the hum/buzz would simply not go away. I tried all the grounding tricks and even isolating each devices’ power supply but to no avail.

As a last effort (on a Saturday) I replaced all cables/interconnects one by one. Finally isolated the issue: my audioquest rocket 44 cables. I had my old Chord Rumour 2 cables and the system has been playing for a couple of hours now without any hum/buzz. In hindsight, maybe I should have started with the cables first before the power cable playing around!

Question from me is that are the rocket 44 cables known to cause problems? As my Rumour cable are not as long as I want them, any recommendations for speaker cables going forward?

Wishing everyone a good weekend ahead! I am looking forward to some hum-free listening :smiley:


Hi I’m really glad you’ve got this sorted out.
I’ve never heard of a speaker cable causing hum it’s usually always on interconnects.
The only thing I can think if is that maybe the type of cable was putting some sort of strain on the output from the amp.
I do know that some amps are far less forgiving than others on funny loads and looking at the type of construction of those cables were BI -Wire types then these might have caused some loading problems.


Got me scratching my head too as the cable was new. I’m glad it’s sorted after so many hours spent!

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