Hum from Speakers

I have a cocktail audio cd/streamer connected to my naim X’s 3 amplifier, but I hear a hum through the speakers when the cocktail audio is in switched on. You can’t hear it during playback but I have to plug it out completely if I want to leave my amp on. Is there anything I can use / to stop the hum coming through?

Try a different pair of RCA cables.

It only takes a line out cable, I just purchased a chord cable and this is when the issue started

Are you saying that the cable you used before was ok? If so, the Chord cable is somehow faulty. Probably its ground isn’t connected, or the cable is broken.

I used the streamer previously with an AV amp via digital and no issues, now with my XS3 and can only connect with a line out cable and I get the hum, cable is brand new, how do I connect the ground issue?

Try a different cable. If the other cable works properly, the Chord is faulty.

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