Hum issue with Mu-So QB and turntable

Hey all, super-excited new owner of a Mu-So QB here. I’m having what sounds like a crazy grounding issue with my Audio-Technica AT-LP120 turntable when it’s plugged into the analog input (consistent high-pitched hum that increases in volume when I turn it up on the Mu-So, and goes away when I power down the turntable. All other inputs/channels are fine on the Mu-So, and the turntable worked hum-free on a different stereo and on a low-quality portable speaker). It’s rendered my turntable (which has a built-in pre-amp and Line out stage) unlistenable, and as there’s no grounding peg on the Mu-So, I’ve been at a loss about how to fix it. I’ve tried so many combinations of workarounds - different turntables, separate external pre-amps, new cables/adaptors, a power conditioner, etc, and it’s persistent and incredibly frustrating. Could it be the cartridge in my tone arm (the hum seems to increase a bit when I move my hand close to it, and I’ve read that can be a sign of a cartridge issue). Any ideas about what to do?

Have you tried running an earth wire from the earth post on the back of the turntable to something that’s earthed, or to the earth terminal of a UK mains plug?

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