Hum on my system and how it was removed

Hum from my system.

I have a Naim SN3 amplifier with a Naim HiCap DR with a Rega P8 TT and a Rega Aria phono amplifier . I also have a Panasonic DP-UB9000 Blu-Ray player which feeds its analogue stereo output into the SN3 AV input.

The Blu-Ray player outputs its video via a HDMI cable to a Panasonic TV.

When I had my system turned on ready to play a record and when the TV and Blu-Ray were in standby mode, even with the volume turned down to zero, I could hear a loud hum from the loudspeakers. Unplugging both TV and Blu-Ray player from the wall sockets eliminated the hum.

Also, I’ve always heard a low hum from my amplifier and Hi-Cap at the listening position when the environment was completely silent but I never found it distracting.

Last week whilst watching the TV the power tripped, unplugging all appliances to track the faulty one causing the tripping, I found it was a socket but which one?

I had lights, heating and hot water but no socket power.

Following day I had an electrician in. He found a faulty socket in the kitchen and another socket where the earth was broken. On examining the CU he asked if he could remove the door bell transformer as it was not being used. I said yes.

The repairs had an effect on my system in a very good way.

I can longer hear the SN3 or Hi-Cap hum, I have to place my ear on the amplifier to hear a slight hum from the Hi-Cap nothing.

With the TV or Blu-Ray in standby mode, I no longer get any hum from the loudspeakers and the system sounds much better.

I’ve always been sceptical of the need for a dedicated mains supply to a Hifi system but now I’ve had first hand experience of what other ‘kit’ can add to the system, I’m having a rethink.


So which was it, the doorbell transformer or the bad sockets?

I’ll never know that will I.?
I didn’t even think about any improvement at the time, the electrician had gone and I decided to play a record.
If I was going to guess, I’d pick the transformer.

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