Hum on one speaker

I am finding hard to trace the source of a hum on one speaker its just on the low frequency channel on one speaker. I have two Nap 250’s with a cross over. Were to start looking.

What is the complete system?

32-5 preamp, naim snaxo 2-4, 2 hi caps, 2 Nap 250 power amps snell JII speakers

OK, first make sure your NAXO is not picking up transformer hum from a nearby power supply or power amp. Then swap over the power amps. Is the hum still on the same speaker? Then do the same with the DIN-XLR leads.

Let us know how you get on?

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i switched the speaker cables and have the hum on the other spealer now so will try the din-xlr leads next

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I tried it with my 140 power amps and no hum so what is the problem with the 250?

If it’s a NAP250-2 or NAP250DR, then it’s possible that a power supply reservoir capacitor is starting to break down. It would be wise to get the affected 250 to a NAIM authorised repairer, to be diagnosed / repaired & serviced as soon as possible. If a power supply reservoir capacitor actually fails it can be disastrous for the connected speaker(s).

Its the old chrome bumper 250 with new capacitors fitted

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