Humming Speakers

Good evening everyone.

I have a nait xs2 and bluesound node. When playing it sounds great but when at ‘idle’ there is a hum from the speakers. It increases as you increase the volume of the amp, stays whichever input you select and stops when you disconnect the bluesound. I think I have a ground loop hum!

I’ve searched the net all afternoon and have struggled to find an understandable (to me - being awful at physics) solution. I’m hoping someone else has solved a similar problem?

One thing I have seen is the ‘ground’ plug at the rear of the amp. Would I break the loop by connecting this to an earth i.e use a grounding plug back into the mains?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Is it just the Node you have connected to the XS2 - if so take a look here

If you have other items connected what are they ?

Hi, its just a Bluesound at the moment. Thats a helpful link - thanks. I wonder what detriment a ground loop isolator will have to sound…and indeed where to buy one! I’ll ask Naim after the Easter Break.

If you only have the Bluesound Node connected to the Nait then the issue is not a ground loop - an isolator won’t help here. Adding a connection to mains earth should solve your issue and get rid of the hum. Are you in the UK or elsewhere ?

Thanks, I’m in the Uk…

Apologies…should I Earth from the bluesound or amp?

Either should be fine but to keep it simple you could just use the ground post on the Nait to connect to mains earth.

Super. Thanks.

Did you get this sorted in the end ?

Yes, all sorted. thanks to all. Earthed the amp to the my mains earth, hum went straight away.

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