HumminGuru ultrasonic RCM FTW! (The one from Kickstarter)

Yeah but the rollers and such only have to be changed when they get worn out. There was the question during the Kickstarter after how many records this would be, and they couldn’t say for sure but said “lots” or similar. Backers asked for replacement kits just in case, so they added the option. I ordered one kit, which is one set of rollers, 5 water filters and 5 air filters, which set me back 16 euros as part of the Kickstarter. I thought better to be safe and save on shipping. I guess they will be available on the regular website as options.

Removing the filters for cleaning and changing is a breeze, it’s well designed

They said they’d first ship to backers who ordered more than one, then single backers by order of pledging (there are IIRC at least several hundreds, maybe more than a thousand) and then the preorders. I think they have started doing the single backers already, so I hope yours won’t take too long. Commercial launch is Nov 18 according to the new website

BTW I didn’t have to pay any import duties / taxes for the delivery from China to Germany. I don’t know if that’s normal for this type of goods, special for Kickstarter pledges, or an error by FedEx. (And neither if I will be hunted down by the customs police)

Sometimes the bill arrives 1 month later. I bought from Uptone USA and received the taxes bill each time much later.
But maybe you will not receive anything, or at max a 50 euros bill to pay.

Thanks, I guess so. DHL has usually done the customs immediately and collected it on delivery. In some other cases, if the applicable duties weren’t obvious, the parcel was withheld and I had to pick it up at the customs office. Not sure about FedEx [who where the shippers in this instance], but I didn’t think it was even possible for a parcel to be handed over without customs being paid one way or the other.

We’ll see, and as you say it won’t be much

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Isn’t that why you bought three?

I should really consider getting one as well.

No, two friends wanted one as well

Quick review.

Cleaned two LPs both previously wet bath cleaned 1 year ago. After Humminguru cleaned on intensive clean noticed improved depth to image and better rendering of bass instruments.

System is LP12, Karousel, Kore, Krystal, Ittok with new bearings. Avid phono stage and Musical Fedility separates.


Search YouTube there is a user review by polypetalous


For the money, this is a no brainer. I will buy one once it is launched for the non backers on 18.11.21. The degritter is a few K while the KL Audio is no longer in prodcution. Audio desk (at least the old version & in my own experience) is an expensive boat anchor.

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I did some further testing and here are conclusions;

  • works better with clean records. Ones that have previously been wet cleaned for example
  • improved cleaning when you use a surfactant such as the Triton X-100. Better dynamic range is what I heard

I am super pleased with my Humminguru.


I will follow this thread and see if there are or not drawbacks with the HumminGuru. Normally, if all is ok , I will order one around mid December.

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I trust that you properly dispose of the used water that contains this horrible environmental poison. I.e. collect it and drop off at your local hazardous waste facility

5 drops for half litre of distilled water and only 10 drops of this for each wash so not sure it’ll be that impactful. But thanks for informing me.

I’ll be switching to the Degritter cleaner soon.

It can be handled safely and it is* in wide industrial use, so your drops won’t change the big picture if you dispose of it properly. However, there are no safe amounts of this that should be allowed to enter the environment:

* Or was, as it is being replaced and phased out or already should have been, the sunset date was January 2021

Okay will dispose soon as practical. And stop using it. But this surfactant is still on sale on ebay.

Can’t find it on eBay in Germany, maybe your location has different laws, but it won’t make it healthier :wink:

And on sale on UK Amazon.

I guess the UK hasn’t banned it. Anyways, wetting agents for photography are another option (Ilford Ilfotol, Kodak Photoflo, Agfa Agepon), not healthy either but seems less bad. It’s what Kuzma suggests. The Ilfotol is on Amazon Germany in handy 25 ml packages - more expensive than the 1 L container but according to Ilford it only keeps for 12 months in open bottles.
And dishwasher rinse aid does a very similar thing

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You should more instead , eventually, put 5 drops of the Art du Son vinyl fluid. Some do that with ultra sonic machines.

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Just use dishwasher rinse aid it does the same thing and isn’t as bad for the environment. Always used a bit in my cleaning solution for manual cleaning works a treat and leaves no residue.