Hydra Cable

Not sure if this is allowed, although I’ve tried to clarify, so here goes:

Has anyone used a hydra-type cable to connect their equipment? I understand it implements star earthing, and is supposed to improve performance. I am considering giving it a try and wonder if anyone has any experience of using hydra cables.

The Grahams Hydra, made by Grahams the London dealer has been used very successfully by Naim owners for over 20 years. It’s a great solution.


+1 Used one for years.


I am using a Custom HiFi Cables PowerBlack Distribution Block with 8 outputs. The Block is fully customizable and the build quality is excellent. It was an improvement over the music-line “Netzleiste”. I can warmly recommend it.

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What does it replace?

A music-line Netzleiste.

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Is that a hydra made from Naim Powerlines?


That is not a Hydra cable and wasn’t related to the question I asked.

Sure, the Custom HiFi Cables PowerBlack Distribution Block is a star earthed block just like the Hydra. The advantage over the Hydra is that it can have up to 13 outputs and that it is fully customizable.

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There’s a thread on power blocks iirc that covers hydras in which iirc Richard Dane recommends them for and says there that Naim used to use hydras in house.

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I’ve used one for 15 years following recommendations from Naim after a factory visit.

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My issues with hydras are:

  1. I would only buy a hydra if I knew that I had no chance of getting more or less boxes for many years to come. But I’ve never been in that situation since learning that they exist.
  2. Before buying a hydra I’d consider investing in individual Naim Powerlines

But if buying Powerlines for say 4 or more boxes you’re spending a grand, which could be spent instead on a dedicated radial or ring. With a hydra or Powerlines lites or Powerlines ?
So the electrical supply options can be quite complex and are probably best considered as a unified part of the system.
And I like to leapfrog intermediate steps if possible.

I have been using the music line Powerigel for 8-9 years. I am very satisfied with it. There is also a more expensive version made of Powerlines: https://www.music-line.biz/cms/POWERIGEL.500.0.html

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Is yours the Graham’s one?

At the moment, I use the standard Naim cables, as they seem to work pretty well. They are plugged into a balanced mains unit, so It’s possible there is start earthing there

Me too.
So for the present I’m focusing on upgrading my boxes instead.

Yes it is.

I may soon end up with a 3 box system, plus a Cisco, which I’d be very likely to not change for many years.
So then I could get a hydra.
But should I get a three or four lined Hydra?
ie to include the the Cisco in the hydra, or not?