Hydra or Powerlines?

I have four mains plugs currently into separate sockets on a dedicated mains - Supercap for the 252, 555PS for the NDS, 300DR power supply, and Hicap for the Superline. The 555PS on the NDS has a Powerline, the rest have the standard Naim cables.

Would a 4 lead Graham’s Hydra be an improvement, given I would not be using the Powerline? (Please don’t say buy a Musicworks and put the Powerline on that, or buy three more power lines - too expensive).

Why don’t you just try one and see.

I found a Hydra a big improvement over the standard cable, I also made a cut to length Hydra out of Belden shielded cable and that sounded better than the Grahams one, never tried a powerline sorry

By “standard cable”, do you mean the Powerline Lite? I have been wondering about switching my Powerline Lites for a Hydra.

The standard kettle lead with a white Crabtree plug

Ah. Thank you.

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