I did a thing ... 500DR to come

“I did a thing” Again…
Really love to cite Jeremy Clarkson - just watching season 3 currently of “Clarksons Farm”
And now I might get the Oscar for the fastest and weirdest (!) upgrades ever.

Not yet all here - will get most of it in approx. 2-3 weeks time (as I am going for holiday).

Following upgrades are scheduled for arrival:

  • Powerigel Plus (with 6x Powerline) - have it already but not yet installed
  • SL Pair Din-XLR (already here - kept it - 300DR returned)
  • SL 5-5 1,5m (for ND555 to 552)
  • second 555PS DR (found one on local site)
  • 500 DR (2018) (dealer offer)

I look several times every day at the usual local “hifi-pages” - and as a matter of fact, when you are fast… :slight_smile: But all together … I know… it is a bit hasty and killing the fun in upgrade journey… yes.

WAY too much in one step.
Will also need to strip fraim down to the bones - and re-tighten everything and switch it to best parts (have some fraim in spare and the initial one has some rust on it)
Also restacking - OH DEAR! Burndy massage to come…

I know - some kind of MAD!
Will do it in steps… not everything at once.

Don’t call the doctors please - only when my back is broken with 500.

@Geko @Stu299 @khan84 @Blackbird … you are not responsible if something goes south - but I owe you if it will go “north”
But there will be hiccups - that’s for sure. Be prepared of holding hands :joy:

Ps: why? I never imagined that 552 is so good! But it is - this has wettend my mouth for the 500
And: sold some of the spare gear and a lot lego


Wow Drago, you don’t hang about. I do commend you on your choices though. You’ll definitely go North with this lot inserted in your system. Just give everything plenty of time to settle back down again. I reckon at least three weeks to get back to where you are today. And don’t continually mess with it comparing one item and another.

Good luck and keep us updated on what you think.


Comparing mania is my deepest fear …

My suggestion is go for 500dr first - with original din-xlr cables.
Hope to have the 552 effect - it has snapped in the first evening.
Really like to avoid the journey of @khan84 … as I also really love my 135

What are you referring to with 3 weeks to get back where I am today. Should it not initially wow?

Next step: Kudos Sigao . I see it in my crystal ball.


Next step - sitting on the street - your fault :rofl:



I must be worried - you cited this twice :rofl:

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I’m sure it will WOW your socks off but I’m also sure you’ll initially be thinking it good but maybe my 135’s are nearly on par.

Only when the system has settled will you suddenly understand how much better the 500 is than a pair of 135’s.

You’ll know when it happens because the hairs on your neck will stand up and you will suddenly reach for your air guitar a play the most amazing rift you’ve ever heard. For the first time not only will you know what piece of music they are playing but you will know WHY a bunch of musicians are playing it!

Remember these words!


My bad memory….I sleep under a bridge, so not sleeping well. I sold my fishes to buy a cable. Then the spiral begun.


Yes - hope so. If it is as with 552, than all is fine. With 552 the PRAT remains and details and timing are added.
The 135 is a prat beast - we will see :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Read the Dutch article with 500 vs 500DR - did you miss coherence and PRAT in the music after DR upgrade? The review guy mentioned that it came back with SL cable - goog that I have them :smiley:

I would have also gone for a non dr version - but all the ones you can get are really old without service - and sending out for service in the uk can be a long run.


As always, phone off…lock the doors…just play music and enjoy!! Great achievement!!


Drago, as long as you are upgrading at warp speed, you really need a second 555ps on your nd555.


Look at my first post - second ps is on its way :rofl:

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I knew you would fold :sunglasses:


…you’ve spanked some cash recently, I hope it works out for you :pray:

For me I’ve kept the 552DR, 500 moved on and now happy with a 250DR… maybe the magic starts with a DR 500 as mine wasn’t.

Yes - there is always a risk to go „over the top‘
But without trying you never learn - and if I do not like the 500dr, and like my 135 more - I am prepared to sell it again, even with some loss.
(Made some money with Lego selling - so balanced :o)

If I had the chance to get on an serviced 500 non dr - I might have preferred it. Read that it had more full bass, which I like.
But only too old models came up, looking every day and for more than a year

As ever there are 2 sides - some here admire the 500 in its original form - others the dr

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After climbing the dizzy heights to a 500 in the end it wasn’t for me but for a vast majority who own a 552 (and 52) its the way to go, obviously.

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Maybe I am not one of them… preferring the rough undetailed groove of the 135.
Maybe I am blown away …
I will see - yes it is risky.

And so it is a bit bad as my mind has less time to settle - as the opportunities came way too fast after another.

Currently I love the system very much - with the warm weather comes a fuller sound :smiley:

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Sat here listening to Eddie Vedder “Into the Wild” album, using the 552DR/250DR Eddie is in the room, raw, emotional, hard to describe - the 300/500 didn’t come close


I know what you mean - had this feeling when comparing 300dr and 135

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