I don't have Upgraditis

I think I have a case of Comparison Pox. I seem to have no interest of moving up the ladder, but am seriously thinking about the difference between a 172/155 and an ND5XS/XS2 combo. And then adding a 152 to the 155 and ND5XS.

Is this comparison across the range normal, or do I need see a specialist?


Sadly there is no instant test for conditions of this type.
I recommend complete isolation from your system for a minimum of 72 hours.
Then return to it and play your most favourite piece of music.
If it thrills you completely you’re in the clear.
If, however, you are left with any doubts then further testing maybe required.
If this is the case, I recommend you consult your dealer as quickly as possible to arrange a consultation.
This may also result in a further consultation with your bank manager🫣
I hope you find this advice useful and wish you the very best of luck😉


Oh yes you do. ND5XS>152 is definitely an upgrade on the 172. I never owned but really liked the 152/155 on the occasions I heard them.

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The 152/155 is very well balanced coherent, add a Flatcap 2 and maybe Nat 05 tuner will be nice solution at the cheapskate.


:grin: Great rationalisation of your upgrade thoughts.

As this appears to be for your second system, I would buy a used Atom to go with your Iotas and sell the rest of it. Or just leave it and play some music!

I might have designs on a third system… :wink:

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Owwffff! You certainly know how to hurt a bloke.

once you reach a certain level of Sound Quality- sidegrades to other sound quality renderings and ‘equpment tunings’ is pretty normal.

I’d like to get a booster shot vs ‘upgraditis’ (actually just has the opposite affliction of ‘downgraditis’), and live within the margins of ‘best bang/buck’ and focus more on smelling roses etc.

With all the chaos in the universe and a slowly unraveling higher consciousness afflicting humanity; slowing things down and simply ‘hitting parity’ would be nice for awhile.

A stable system allows more comparisons with FAMILIAR kit/setup.
I am a ‘big fan’ of stabilising an ACCEPTIBLE level of sound quality.

(my litmus test is; if a Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin (V1) sounds better/equal/‘as good as’ my present super budget hifi rig, then either hifi has become worse, OR,… (I need to improve the synergy of the parts I am working with/consider adding more $ to the ‘problem’)(a baseline level of audio quality matters, beyond that, it is your personal hobby and not likely to be as appreciated by ‘others’, hence investment becomes dubious…)

I’m taking that comment as a product of ESL…

Upgraditis is an interesting concept/condition. I think I may have had it years ago, when I had a goal for my system development, albeit imprecisely defined. Once I reached that, upgrading became random, unplanned, prompted either by component failure, or spotting something that to me was an unexpected bargain that would elevate sound quality further, as in my most recent speaker and amp changes. I have no compulsion to tweak. I don’t think my recent changes have been manifestations upgraditis as the drive to change wasn’t so much from me, as from the appearance of something desirable and affordable on my radar. On the other hand, does susceptibility to such triggers indicate that I am suffering from denied upgraditis? If so, can anyone recommend a branch of USA (Upgraditis Sufferers Anonymous)?


My wife says I’ve been cured and if I show any relapse she’ll take the necessary precautions. :grin:


I have CB in my dinning room and Olive in the livingroom. In the bedroom Marantz. Speakers Linn Kans ,Thiel and B&W. All have been to the shop for recapping and all sound wonderful. My only concern is will they be taken care of when I’m gone. For me Love and music were two of the best things in life.


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