I have music stored on my Unity Atom HE (?)

Or do I ??? I am so confused. I just bought a Unity Atom HE, and among the Presets is the entire Stop Making Sense album of the Talking Heads. A great demo piece if nothing else, but how does it reside on this unit?

I bought it pre-owned, but that still doesn’t explain it.

No there is no way to store music on the Atom HE. All the favourite or presets do is store the location of that album, that the original owner liked, which was probably on a USB stick, on a network store or a streaming service like Tidal. You can just delete the preset.

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Maybe it’s still talking to its previous owner’s Tidal/Qobuz/etc account?

A factory reset might be a good idea. I think I’d have done that before selling it.

That’s what I was thinking, but the actual log-ins for Qobuz and Tidal are not present. Maybe presetting selected music from that service does not login you into the full app.

What surprised me was the speed of connection/playback. It really did seem as though the data was present on the Unity itself, which of course it is not.

In any event, using the unit with Dan Clark Aeon closed, and am a very happy camper at this point.

It’s odd that these tracks play unless they are on a USB drive. Are you sure there isn’t a memory stick tucked away in the rear USB port?

Either way, I suggest you factory reset the Atom and set it up again from scratch with your own settings.

but I love Talking Heads!!

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