I love it but it does my head in too

So Im listening to an album via Naim App/UPNP/Mac/Minimserver and when the last track finishes, the Naim App can’t find the server. Restart the Mac, Nope. Restart my iPhone, Nope. Restart the App, Nope. Switch them all off and open a Chardonnay. Have a glass to calm down. Turn em all on again. All good!
Sounds fantastic but I never had these problems with a CDP or TT.
What was wrong? No clue.
Are digital glitches a part of life now?

It’s your network not working as it should.

These sort of problems are not part of what should happen at all. But you would need to say a lot more about it before anyone here could help you to sort it out.

Thanks David. I’m not tech savvy so I react a bit when this stuff happens. Still love the ND5XS though.

Does it drop off during playback at all so check half way through an album and see if it’s still connected. If it’s only at the end then it sounds more like a software bug than your network. Network I would say expect it to loose at anytime not just at the end of playback.

Thanks mate, It plays fine generally but seems to check out randomly once a song finishes. Not a major but it does interrupt continuity on enjoyment at times.

It sounds to me that the ND5 XS is losing sight of the network. How is it connected, WiFi or ethernet?

(The discovery issue strikes me as more significant than when the breaks occur.)


Can I just be clear on this? …

1 It’s an ND5 XS (i.e. the older type with a display, not an ND5 XS 2).

2 Once a track is playing it plays right through

3 Once an Album is playing, if you turn off the iPhone when the first track starts, then the album always (or almost always! :wink:) plays right through.

If the answer to all these is ‘yes’ then you have a network discovery problem between the iPhone and the UPnP server in the Mac. This is most likely to be due to a network discovery problem, (these are most often caused by the WiFi Access Point in the router or the Switch in the router).

Yes. Absolutely. And wait until there is a soft/firmware update for extra fun …

I’ve reverted to CDP & TT. Everything works fine :smile:

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Yes as said above your home network sounds faulty…
What switch and router you using?
What Wifi you using?
What are you running minimserver on … is it your mac?
How is your minimserver connected to your home network.
Are you using iOS to run Naim app.

Basically you shouldn’t have these problems, you have something faulty some where in your setup… it’s as if your car is running with a flat tyre…

Could energy saving setting on the Mac be making it go to sleep, and it’s not waking on LAN access?

yep, original nd5xs.
Its quite random when it does it. Always at the end of a track. Most times it’s fine. Just now and then enough to be a pain. Not the power saving on the Mac. Ive checked that. Ill live with it. :grinning:

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