I love my Naim but boy do the

Remotes suck. Changing volume with the spongy buttons is so tedious, and often ear bursting when it finally does kick in. I’m not a huge fan of the fancy one that came with my ND555; it’s not much better, just has more weight and bling. It matters a fair bit with streaming as the volume levels are all over the shop. Is my frustration misplaced? What do others think?

Do you really need a remote with a network music streamer?

I have a remote for my Linn Klimax DS/1, but it is only ever used to set the streamer into standby mode.

I like the older Uniti remote shared by my NDX-FM and Qute2. Reliable, configurable, and easy to learn to navigate in the dark. IR is only small disadvantage.

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No prob with the thingy that came with my 282. Single nudge rather than holding the volume button down does fine adjustment.



I prefer to use the remote that came with my Superuniti over the slider on the app, it’s a bit more precise.
I tried an experiment driving the SU using the Linn Kazoo app, that has an iPod twiddly thing with extra +/- for volume control, nice little feature.

Double press increase the volume in very fine steps too. A neat touch.

The new streamer remotes are good in that the Zigbee wireless connection works very well, but apart from that, they are inferior to their predecessor in every respect in my opinion. Their inability to control the server, Tidal and Qobuz inputs is just bizarre.

I only use iPhone and iPad to control the music remotely.

Actually, so do I, but if, like some, I preferred to use a remote, I’d be pretty miffed with the Zigbee thing.

Remote with the Atom is fantastic. Using the app slider has a significant time delay

I’m bemused to read of so many different experiences! I don’t often use my 272’s remote, but when I do the volume adjustment is instantaneous and very accurate, one step at a time. Most of the time I use my iPad Mini for music selection and volume setting. It’s pretty accurate, and I experience no ‘lag’ at all. Are the problems people mention down to network issues I wonder?

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Could be network, but might also be down to different methods being used and of course different units - there’s quite a difference when using a pre-amp with the motorised pots, whether via the remote control handset or via the app and system automation.

Worth noting, as others have mentioned, you can change the speed of the pot by a double tap on the remote volume button.

Also be sure the batteries in the handset are in good condition and the IR receiver is not obstructed, either physically or by high levels of interference from other devices like TVs etc…

I hate the NDX 2 remote also. It’s plastic material is horrible with fingerprint and also the scratch make it look incredibly old after just a few months. The material design thoughtfulness is entirely absence from Naim’s part.

There’s also the reports on navigational pad with no travel feedback.

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Could you expand on that Richard - I find the volume control (both remote and app) on my 252 to be pretty sluggish and the “jumps” after a single tap either do nothing or go much too far…so do you mean you can configure the remote by double taps? Or just that a double tap each time ( a bit like Andy McNab?) produces a better result? Thanks

I also hate the NDX2 remote. Sharp corners, plastic feel and look and not something that belongs with the product. Backlight also goes out after just 3 seconds which feels like a reaction test.

You should check the volume knob on your 252 to make sure it’s not pushed in so it’s binding or rubbing in some way.

The volume control motors do take a second or so after a button press to power the knob one way or other.

The double click and hold should make the volume control turn at slow speed.

Would have to agree, the NDX2 remote is not the finest bit of design for a product costing what it does, very plasticky along with stodgy buttons and generally awkward to use. Not a biggie as I don’t use that much but it comes across as cheap in the same way the remote with the first gen Muso’s did.

Would members please be mindful of forum AUP - discuss or argue the topic at hand, but don’t make judgements on other members. Thanks.


The past two preamps I’ve had are the NAC 552DR and now the NAC 52. The Naim R-COM remote and 552DR volume was buttery smooth. Didn’t have any problem at all.

I haven’t used the 52 much but so far I’m perfectly happy with the volume control.

Maybe it’s a network or phone/tablet issue? The slider works instantaneously with my UnitiQute2.