I love vinyl

I love vinyl which preamp is better between the Nac 72 and the Nac 82?

They have similar phono stages with the 5 series boards being a more optimal layout (larger in size).

The 82 provides a better power supply with two Hicaps or Supercap.

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I went from 72 to 82 back in the day (with Hicap/135s into ES14s), my vinyl source was using a phono-amp into line-level cards in the pres, so I can’t comment on the phono-cards. For me I found the 82 a big step up, it offered greater detail and bass while keeping the excitement and fun of the 72, other people do prefer the 72 I think.
(Turntable at the time was Roksan Xerxes / Artemiz / Shiraz / Artaxerxes, CD player Micromega Trio. I got a Roksan TMS around the same time as the 82, I think just after.)


Thank you

I’d go 82 or 282, as well. Importantly for LP lovers, they have a mono switch.

(I love LPs, too!)

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A mono switch is an important consideration, and the one area where the NAC72 took a big step backwards from its NAC32.5 predecessor.

Maybe I am being a bit slow, but why is a mono switch important?

For playing mono LPs with a stereo cartridge. You often get much quieter background with the amp switched to mono.

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Interesting, are there any other Naim amps fitted with a mono button?

My 52 has (2, one on each row), the 282, 252 and 552 also have mono (again a button on input and record).

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Apart from being really important with mono LP playback, I also use it for ensuring that recorders with independent record level controls are equally set and for helping with any alignment adjustment - here the mono record button becomes really useful.

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Thanks Eoink.

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