I think I'm in love

but I’m not sure whether I love the lowly Nait 2 or Mrs Bruss more!

Now my main system is just about complete (awaiting delivery) and the second ( study) system is awaiting return of service items, I’ve been sorting through kit that has to be sold and just generally trying stuff out and enjoying playing for a few days.
Study is 3.1m x 3.0m x 2.6m high and full of bits and bobs, not an ideal listening environment. Source was Node 2 (latest variant) and Qutest. Music from the radio and from Nas.
First up my poorest speakers (from a bedroom) Rega EL8, their entry level floor stander from way back, essentially their old Kyte put in to a floor stander box. Connected up to the fc/92/90 and then the Nait2. 90 sounded fine but at higher volume sounded stretched. Nait 2 sounded a lot better and gave a good account at higher volumes. No thinness, no boxiness. Tried the SCDR/252/CB250 and it overwhelmed the speakers, even at low volumes they sounded ‘ragged’ in some way. lack of definition not more and not what I expected.

On to the venerable Spendor A5’s.
The 90 combo just didn’t have the push to power them. All volumes sounded ‘lost’. No great surprise.
Nait 2 up next and it was a revelation. The Nait can drive the picky Spendors at a volume that suits this room (see pic). Any louder than this and its too loud for me, and the Nait sound a little dry and the boominess of the A5’s takes over. Then on to the SC/252/250 combo. Again see the pic but at these ‘low’ volume levels suitable for this small room the big surprise is there really isn’t much in it. As the volume goes up then the this combo shows its strengths. Complete control, boom is much reduced, no high frequency fatigue. Again as pretty much expected.

So my conclusion is that I only need to keep the Nait 2 for this small room thus releasing funds for future upgrades.
Love the Nait 2.

and then,
Mrs Bruss wanders in, " what y’ doing?
I explain the comparative probable selling prices and the need to ensure I keep something that still sounds good in the study.
Mrs Bruss asks which I think is the better.and then asks if we are short of money. mmm No but it s reducing capital we live off. What are you going to do with the money? Well you could have it for whatever - new bathroom, decorating, retile the floor through out (all things we have spoken about). Answer was, well we have enough to do all of that so why don’t you keep the best just in case we move to a place with bigger rooms. We don’t need the money and we only live once.
I love that woman.

So today I have learned many things.

  1. Room/speaker/amp matching can give you what you need if the synergy is there.
  2. The Nait 2 punches way above its weight.
  3. Don’t under estimate your other half, however long you have known them.

pic shows comparative vol level setting.


You could always give the money to the Disaster Relief Committee. You may not need it - lucky you - but others surely do.

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Indeed I could. Thank you.

The Nait will save the need to buy a proper rack for those bigger boxes. I can’t help thinking they would give a better account of themselves if they were on one, but I guess you don’t need to go there.

LOL. A second almost perfect system would drive Mrs Bruss to think again I fear. Its good enough for my use in the study/office/workout/chill room.

So finally you are coming around to my way of thinking. I’m not sure about the exercise machine though;-)

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It’s useful for hanging my jacket on.

Hang on I’ll get my jacket
Do you live near Le Tréport?

About 7 hours further south. Dept 16.

For the past two years we go back there to pay our respects to a brother of my great grandmother who died of wounds in the battle of Loos.
A bit morbid but i am just completely overwhelmed driving through that part of the country

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