I’ve had to switch to ripping in FLAC. How can I identify my FLAC rips?

I’ve run into trouble using WAV to rip in my Naim Uniti Core. Naim in their infinite non-wisdom decided to adopt a proprietary form of WAV and the metadata is not readable by Roon. So some of my ripped music is WAV and newer rips are FLAC. How can I identify them from within my iOS app?

Also, I cannot seem to locate where in Settings I made the change from WAV to FLAC. I would appreciate enlightenment!

You make the change from ripping to WAV to ripping to FLAC in Manage Music and then Configure Music Store. Once you have selected one or other it rips in that new mode until you change it. So you don’t need to do it every time you rip.

I don’t think there is a way to tell which it is in the app, except if you play a file, you should see what it was in the now playing screen. And of course you can look at the Music Store with a PC on your network and see which files are what.

Under browsing preferences, click on customise album display
Turn on “show album format”

I think Janet was meaning in the Naim IOS app, rather than the Roon app. But anyway she should have the answer between us!

Hi, wasn’t sure, but roon was mentioned, so …

Strange, my version of Roon see the WAV files on my Uniti Core no problem.

I found it under Ripping Settings. Which seems pretty obvious now that I’ve found it! And was able to double check that it is set to FLAC.

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In my case it was a huge mess. Maybe because my music files are 90% opera and classical? I am pretty obsessive about the way I do my metadata and Roon had 50% wrong artwork and all sorts of missing metadata.

You can tell Roon to use your metadata instead of its own.

If you use ROON, it will show the source (e.g. yourself, or TIDAL or ? (I don’t know what a Naim Unity ripped CD shows) and library inclusion date.

Hi, Naim don’t store meta data in their WAV files… so it’s not there to be read. It’s provided by their streaming software referencing back to a database on the Core… kind of like a private mini Roon.
If you want to add meta data to Naim wav files, you will need to use an editor and do it manually.
Naim to use a valid form non proprietary format of WAV, it just does not contain meta data. For info WAV files allow two forms of audio meta data constructions… and you can add both for maximum compatibility… but you will need a seperate editor or ripper to achieve that, such as dBpoweramp.

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