I wonder what would happen

Triggered by a comment about listening to your current stereo system when you were 30 or 40 years younger, I wonder what would have been the effect of bringing items of modern technology back in time to hand over to people inflenetial in that field say 100 years ago?

A modern sports car, an aircraft, laptop computer, several sets of modern mobile transceivers, (2-way radios) just for starters?

Would the technology, have been useless then or flummox them, leaving the devices as mere curiosities, or would it have advanced the various fields of science and engineering massively?

For instance, would access to a modern laptop have actually helped Albert Enistine or perhaps hindered his thinking, just as the internet does to me today?

He’d probably be working for Apple or Microsoft.

It’s a bit strange cause your whole question is based on “what if’s”.

I have often thought what would it be like to take Karl Benz or Henry Ford for a drive in a modern day car?

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