I would like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves and I hope we’ve passed the audition

Obviously (I presume) I’ve been listening to Let it Be and as I was listening searched out the “one after 909” version on anthology 1.

Comparing the Let it be Naked version with the anthology one you can really feel how much they were still a fully working band.

Amazing to think a song that might have appeared on their first album appeared on their last.

The Beatles, I never tire of them and every now and again find myself immersed, this evening was one of them.



I’m looking forward to Peter Jackson’s re-issue of the Let It Be film having last seen the original on TV around 1980. I remember the bit with George nearly getting electrocuted and the dust up he had with Paul about playing guitar plus of course the roof top session where apparently they have over 40 minutes of footage.

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I’m off to see Mark Lewisohn on Saturday with his “Hornsey Road” show, all about Abbey Road - can’t wait!


@anon47622861 do report back please as I see that Hornsey Road is in Canterbury in October or Margate in early November - I’ve been as usual ummming and ahhhing whether to go.


I also think they were a great band, and most of their music has stood the test of time. It is very interesting how their music developed: I find With the Beatles and Please Please me least stimulating, and very rarely get aired, then for me they came into their own with Rubber Soul, and went from strength to strength after that. I think my favourite album overall is Abbey Road, but it is a hard call.

I, too, have the anthology albums (though not the many other compilations), and find them both enjoyable and insightful - which is not the case for the vast majority of bands, where the vast majority of the time I find the out-the compilations neither stimulating nor interesting.

So for me they did pass the audition!!!

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Will do!

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@AndyP - if you’re a Beatles-geek/super-fan like me, you have to go. I loved every minute of it. (For balance, my girlfriend - not a super-fan - says it was ‘interesting’ and maybe the first half was a bit long. So make of that what you will!)


Great thanks I’m going to book a ticket today. If only to find out what the 'ell Hornsey Road means.

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