I2S to USB

Hi folks,
do one know if there is a I2S (HDMI) to USB converter to connect a SACD player with I2S out?
My DAC has only USB/AES or SPDIF…Many thanks!

You’re much more likely to find a HDMI to S/Pdif converter (commonly know as an HDMI Audio Extractor).

Right Xanthe, thanks!
But most of it can not work with DSD out to USB I’m afraid…

Converting to USB would be tricky, they are fundamentally different methods of transmission.
DSD derived outputs may have DRM coding embedded: this can also be a problem.

Maybe the Audio-GD DI20-HE could help, specs say:

|USB input|USB2.0 - USB3.0

|HDMI-IIS output|3.3V LDVS @ 100 Ohms

ahh- gosh, yes! DRM …there was something I forgot! Guess THAT is the real tricky part of the game!

thanks- I need it the other way around- I2S in - USB out, but as Xanthe mentioned already:: DRM could be the show stopper here…

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