IBL Loudspeaker

good day,

with a lot of luck i found naim IBL speaker in a reasonable condition. The covers (grills) are no longer available but a reöplacement has already been ordered.

my question must also be set up IbL’s so close to the wall there are recommendations. i have a small room 15-16 square meters and the IBL is operated with a nap 250 cb.

thanks for information


Welcome to the IBL club :grin:A great speaker.

And yes, as close to the back wall as you can get them. They’ll love your CB 250.


Not IBLs but with NBLs half a centimetre made an audible difference, I could just about get the gap down to 5cm wood to wall but 5.5cm was preferable to 5 or 6cm.
The difference could be distinctly heard in the level of emotion in Roy Harper’s voice singing January Man, which I happened to be playing while I tried this experiment.

I recenttly had the chance to by exellent ones (MK2) for 350 Euro and did not do it… bite my a…
Have fun - the fastest speaker I have ever heared :slight_smile:

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Great speaker. Drove them for many years with two 250s (CB & Olive) and active crossover. Fast, accfurate and a joy. Will do great in a small room as close as possible to a solid wall.



Thank you for this info , Foto will send Next week.

there is the possibility to have speakers overhauled by Naim (IBL)?

Only Naim can give the final answer to that. Personally I would not do it - it is likely too expensive for the price they get sold for these days.

I’m considering to loosen an tighten the bolds again.

I find my ibls good but a bit shut in / dry compared to my sbls on a nap 140. I wonder if it is lack of power or that there is something wrong with them. There is just the juice missing.

Can Naim please reintroduce the IBL?
I would buy those in a hot minute.

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Not while decisions are made in the venture capital boardroom. IMO they would have cleaned the market with newly developed IBL SBL DBL Aro remakes


Hardly anyone bought Naim speakers when they were in production. If they’d sold well and made money they’d still be made today. 250 pairs of NBLs. 350 pairs of SL2s.

Yes but those are very particular kinds of speakers. IBLs are a lower price point, plug and play, more widely appealing. Shouldn’t be hard to sell a ton of them.

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Discontinuing the ARO and failing to introduce a Naim table was such an own goal. Imagine a P8 or P10 competitor from Naim that came with an ARO and was upgradeable with an Armageddon. Would sell like crazy.

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You clearly have an ear for a fine speaker. The IBLs are superb, and in many ways better than the SBL, particularly in small rooms. Their downside is that they need a top source - say LP12 or CDS2 level, and a 250 in the amplifier department, to work as they can. Bass is superb but limited. They are not a speaker to put on the end of one’s newly bought Atom.

When in production they were rarely seen in dealers’ shops and again only sold in modest numbers. The likelihood of them selling like hot cakes is not large. People want speakers with BIG sound and DEEP BASS. They want SHINY BITS and plenty of BLING. They want to IMPRESS THEIR FRIENDS. They don’t want a Naim speaker. Or at least, not a Naim speaker in the way we think of a Naim speaker. It’s a shame.


I’m not sure what might have changed since the IBL was made by Naim, but not many wanted them then, so how many might want them now, would, at a guess, be fewer still.

Of course, secondhand, at near giveaway secondhand prices, it may be a very different story.

My own view of IBLs is that you have to forget treating them like an entry level speaker. Instead you need to look at them like a DBL that’s just missing the big woofer, because that’s pretty much how they act. So that means forget using them with any of the lower end Naim kit. I compared them against Kans and n-Sats on a NAIT2 and I’d take either of those in preference (Kans if mainly vinyl, n-Sats if mainly digital). However, once you treat them as they need to be treated - that means top source, pre-amp and minimum of NAP250, they start to make a lot more sense. A CDS3 with NAC552 and NAP500 into IBLs is great. Go active with a pair of NAP500s… OK, I confess I’ve never heard that, but I have heard from someone who has and they say it has to be heard to be believed. Which, depending on how you look at these things is either just wonderful, or a bit daft.


Richard, as a former CDS2/52/135/IBL owner, I would say that it is just wonderful!

I have sometimes wondered about picking up another pair of IBLs to try on the end of my 552/500…


The Ibl are not defective
but at this age 1988 so MK1 I thought an overhaul would be nice.
I currently operate this with 32.5 / HC / 250 and at the end of the year 2x 250.
Before, I had SBL MK2 Dreamy LS too big for my little room.

Thank you for the hints. Naim I had written to…and Will See.


I am curious since I too have a 32.5/hicap/250, how good of a match do you find your system for the IBL?

I’ve heard active 500’s on IBL’s… they made bass like you’d never expect.