IBL tweeter question

Do IBL tweeters clip in, or do they need to be soldered in?


The connections to the cable are soldered and the little weight on the back of the tweeter is glued. The tweeters are then screwed in their positions.

I’ve done it and it’s a massive improvement.

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Thanks. Just to be clear, what caused a massive improvement?

I guess my old tweeters were … old. Once the new ones were in it just sounded right and fresh much closer to my sbls.

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Gotcha, thanks. Amazing how much difference new tweeters can make. Which ones did you get?

IBL´s should sound better than SBL´s :wink:


There’s a post to get the boys n’ girls chattering!



IBLs use the Scanspeak D2008 851100. Be quick though as they are about to be discontinued.


Thanks Richard!

Actually has been discontinued, was lucky to grab it before they completely go away for my allae’s .

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