Ideas needed - temporary turntable stand

Our RP8 is on its way (and so is my 300DR!) but alas the Fraim elements are on back-order.

What’s a good choice for a temporary tt stand – something better than a cardboard box (???) The only thing close by is my unused subwoofer, and I think I’ll put a blanket on it (making sure not to block airflow), and put the 300 PS on that pending the add’l Fraim shelves.

Is there something generic from Ikea that people use?

Ikea Lack table? Never used one myself, but I’ve often heard it mentioned as a good cheap TT stand.

Yes, the basic Ikea Lack is cheap and good enough to get by while waiting on the extra Fraim. Otherwise you could look out for a secondhand Target or Sound Organisation table, or, if you get really lucky, an Archidee or Audiotech table.

I was going to offer you my spare Audiotec table & shelf (to borrow), then I looked at your profile. Boston is a little far from Chester / Liverpool. Sorry 'bout that Bart, but if you move to the North West of the UK give me a call :footprints:

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Thanks for the thoughts, Roger! We’re absolutely considering a move to the UK or the Continent, if I can get a suitable job (just need to pay the rent and for health care), circa 2020. Given that biotech is my field, probably not a LOT north of Cambridge would work out!

Ikea Lack indeed, but I’d also add spikes to the bottom of its legs.

It also makes more sense than Fraim as a stand for a Rega, but that’s another conversation…

Something heavy like your sub is ideal just get a heavy chopping board and some sorbathane feet to isolate the deck from the sub.

I’ll be making the drive to Ikea . . . bonus is bringing home Swedish meatballs from their cafe

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There goes a very brave man…

I remember the comedian Lee Evans saying he was giving up comedy and setting up a one stop divorce clinic in the car par park of IKEA in Croydon.

I generally try to avoid commenting on different opinions, but I do feel this is not a great suggestion, Bobthebuilder:

  1. Turntables on top of speakers of any kind are a bad idea due to the vibrations generated by the speakers. It’s the reason why they shouldn’t be on the same piece of furniture, ideally not close to each other and certainly not on top of each other. Now, the OP states that it’s unused, so perhaps this is not an issue in this situation, but then I’m not sure why the airflow point would be relevant

  2. Regas like light, rigid supports, so vibrations dissipate quickly. Putting them on heavy bits of furniture in general is a bad idea; if you need to, use a very light shelf on top of the furniture, not a heavy one

Richard or Bob or anyone
very sorry to bother you
not sure this is part of the forum rules (or this thread, but…) - please delete it if not a legit Q
I have a Rega Planar 3 with RB300. Does anyone have a way to tell the age? - I returned to live in London in 1998 and I think I bought it the following year, but can’t find a list online.


Jimdog, I’ve edited your post to comply with forum rules. A Planar 3 with an RB300 covers quite a long time span - from approx. 1985 until the millennium - so your best bet would be to contact Rega with the serial number and ask them what year it was made.

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Thanks Richard.
All the best

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