If I already have Apple Music, is it worth getting another (additional)streaming service for my ND5XS2?


I have Apple Music streaming to my ND5XS2 via Airplay.

Is it worth considering an additional service? If so Tidsl or Qobus? Which has a family plan? Which allows streaming from iPhone or iPad?

I had both Apple Music & Spotify before I had my Naim kit. When I joined the forum and discovered Qobuz, I dumped them both and signed up to Qobuz on a family plan.
My wife and I have never been happier. The quality is so much better at a minuscule extra cost. Whether in the Car or on portable speaker when away or on the 3 Naim streamer solutions at home. A far superior service in our opinion.


Both will give you better quality than using airplay. You will get full hires; tidal’s roll out of hires flac is not yet available, so for now qobuz is better, assuming that 24/192 is better than 16/44 (theoretically better but it depends on the mastering).
Both T and Q are natively supported ie the streaming goes direct to the nd5xs2, your phone iPad is merely used as a remote to choose what to play. Qobuz offer a duo package for 2 people, as well as family for 6.

I have both, with Tidal really just for my Naim gear as it sounds noticeably better than anything piped through Airplay 2.

I prefer the design and experience of Apple Music on other devices and to me it generally sounds better with a wired DAC. So, I’m stuck in this limbo for now. I didn’t get on with Qobuz.

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