If It's Worth Displaying!

It’s a shame the 'Show us your lp/cd collection is now closed, I thought that one might have run for a longer time.
Didn’t know where to post this (moderators move if necessary) picture but as one of the lucky ‘Brilliant Live Adventure’ collectors I’m quite proud of it!


Great collection - almost a full set? I’ve got quite a few missing I’m afraid, where I just wasn’t quick enough off the mark. Fav so far (of the ones I have) is ChangesNowBowie.

Yes complete set of all official vinyl from Bowie (apart from the numerous semi-bootlegs that are now appearing), just can’t fit them all on my new display set up. Don’t want to go through the BLA buying experience again though, they’re only records and it’s just not worth the anguish!
ChangesNowBowie is fantastic, a beautiful recording with lovely arrangements, certainly one of my favourites. Welcome To The Blackout is probably my favourite as that tour was the first time I saw him (twice).

Not Bowie or vinyl but Springsteen archive CDs…all never played …yes I am sure some would say that’s a good thing :grinning::joy:

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That’s some collection David!

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