Ifi LAN isilencer, does it work?

Hello, I would like any feedback good or bad on this device below when used with streaming devices. I have heard that for the money they cost that they are a very cost effective tweak, what do you guys think.

There is another thread on the Chord EE1, which does a similar job.

It’s got some good feedback, so may be worth a gander.

Just do a search for both of them and see what comes up.



I have had the IFI LAN Isilencer in situ for a few days, it does actually work. A wider and deeper soundstage, better definition of vocals, instrumental separation , just about everything really, and a noticeably darker background to everything I have listened to. For £89 I am seriously impressed. Has to one of the best value system tweaks available.

Give it a couple of days to burn in though.
I did try removing the Isilencer to compare the difference without it, it soon went back on again. Enough said.
The usual advice applies, I have heard it is system dependent, it worked in mine though. But if you purchase via Amazon etc, you do have 30 days to return, if it’s not for you.


I had tested several iFi lan silencer in my setup. Far better than the DeLock. Though Chord EE1 is better and from there on you can go Network Acoustics ENO or up to MUON Pro.

I have brought 3 of these ifi silencer, one already gave one away, the ifi silencer did not work for me, it gave some things and subtracted others, the definition of textures and smart details received a small vail unfortunately that I do not like to see them go on my music.

Because of finding it subtracted things I like, I did not find them good, so I can not recommend them, but that is my finding on my system, it could work for others.

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