II am looking for a turntable up grade

I am looking to upgrade my Project Xperience turntable. My set up is.

Naim. Power amp. 250. Naim Pre amp. Nac 282.

Psu Hicap. DR

PMC twenty six speakers.

Any advise would be appreciated.

What sort of money are you looking to spend and what’s your absolute maximum.

I assume you’ll be needing to include a phono stage in your budget if you don’t already have one.

In addition to available funds, do you want something that can be fettled and upgraded over time or would you prefer a set up and forget approach

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Hi and welcome,

Depending on budget the world is your oyster 2nd hand or new. Amongst the options are Rega, Avid, Roksan, Vertere, Linn, Michell etc in all manner of configurations. How do you think the performance of the Project could be improved?



I am looking to spend between 3-5 thousand in cluding the phono stage.

A set up and forget approach would be best for me.

With that kind of budget you’ll be able to get something really good. As a high performance set and forget deck it’s hard to ignore the Rega P10 with Apheta 3 MC. I myself have an RP10 with Apheta 2 that still sounds utterly enthralling through my Superline. There are plenty of other options though so take your time and enjoy the search…


Good question. I am happy with my current turntable, but I would be even happier if I could improve the sound quality significantly.

Another vote for a P8/P10 w/Apheta 3 and a good phono stage. In terms of value for money this would be very, very hard to beat. Rega’s Aria stage is of course relevant, but there are many other good phono stages out there.


A Vertere DG-1S with Magneto and a Vertere Phono-1 comes in about £4,500 and will sound superb based on experience listening to the 1st gen deck. You might get the dealer to swap the Magneto cartridge for a Sabre, it’ll max your budget but should be a worthwhile improvement.


From what you say I would also support the Rega R10 being your best choice. Personally though with your budget, I would also consider a second-hand LP12 and depending on price and spec upgrade, but this probably isn’t for you.

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Thanks, Eoink. I have a demonstration booked for the Vertere DGiS. I have seen some impressive reviews on it.


My vote would be Rega P10/ Lyra Delos/ Rega Aria
Or Technics 1200 GAE s, same cart and phono.

Technics GAE s


Thank you. I do plan to listen to the Raga 8 and ten.


Depending how much initial setup you have appetite for:
Michell Gyrodec SE & Techno Arm
Origin Live Aurora & one of the very very nice OL arms

Those two, plus the Technics 1200G, were my recent demo shortlist at similar money.

They all sounded lovely.

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I have to say, I’ve been totally wowed by the Technics decks, especially the SL1200.

If you have the budget but really want to do away belt changes, oiling and the occasional service, there is really no substitute for their combination of sound quality with zero maintenance.

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I’d definitely include a 1200 G(AE). As for phono I’d consider a Lehmann Audio and cart a Nagaoka.

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You’re all making me think about a new Technics now :rofl:


I upgraded RP6/Exact to P8/Alpheta 3 last summer with a phono stage upgrade from Fono to Aria. Really good and worthwhile upgrade so moving to P10 would be great I would think!


What!? :wink:

I’m not sure there are terrible choices at the budget level mentioned