IKEA Eket for vinyl storage

I currently store my albums in an old IKEA Billy “bookcase”. I need a change, mainly to accommodate more records. The units would have to go in an alcove 106 cm wide. I was looking at Kallax but Eket may be a better option for me as it ideally fits (I was thinking of stacking 3 wide by 6 tall). Not all of the “cubes” would be used for vinyl. What do you guys think? Any of you had experience with Eket?



I have just one Ecket cube and I can confirm that an LP fits in it. I wouldn’t want to stack single ones though. They show a 4 block that may be more stable if stacked?

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How strong are those invisble edge fixings? The other units tend to use dowels plus those metal things that hook together (locking cam bolts apparently!). The eket has invisible fixings, I’d think about somewhow strengthening the joins, or adding a backing panel that can screw into the uprights / shelves to improve solidity. Or just metal triangles over the corners. Also think about combining 2x2 squares with 2x1’s to build up your 3x6.

Also look at Besta frames.

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I use Ekets, you can buy rails to mount them on, but I use the fixings they come with.

The back is hardboard and the fitting is plastic.

Mine are all stacked (offset on each other)…but…supported by something much more solid underneath as I wouldn’t trust anything weighty.

In the kitchen I have double height cupboard ones (3 high). Each one is reinforced with a baton at the top. They contain tin food, pasta, rice etc.

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Like this

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4 of 7.

Seem pretty OK to me. Fitting some slightly oversized American covers in is the only difficulty I’ve had.


Yes I use them but I have placed them in a row on the floor (as I have quite a long wall) with the open facing upwards . I wanted something that I could place the albums upright so I can flick through like they have in record shops as I find that’s the easiest way to see the albums covers

Only issue is not all albums fit in as some covers are slightly bigger than the normal covers, but overall it works for me. There are 2 sizes evidently so be sure to get the larger size 35 x 35

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