IKEA Kallax for LPs?

Is anyone using the IKEA Kallax to store LPs? Is it sturdy and doesn’t sag?

Would appreciate real live pictures with LPs.

Do a search on the Forum for Kallax – use the Q-looking (spyglass) icon, usually top-right on the screen.

Yes, very sturdy if built correctly (hard not to!) and used on a level floor.

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I use two one on its side and one upright. Perfect for vinyl storage. And cheap. Just make sure you screw them to the wall


Here are 2 of my 5 ‘cubes’, great for vinyl…sturdy, had no issues, and survived a house move…
I have ‘feet’ on the floor facing units…


I have a 5 X 5. Important not to tip it on its side with a big unit, it may collapse.

You’ll notice I’m not totally selfish, I’ve allowed my wife to store her crosstitch cottons in one of the compartments.:innocent:

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Kallax is quite popular. I use Form Konnect which has the advantage for me of having a backing board. You can also buy shelves as seen here.

I couldn’t be asked to go into the garage to take a photo of my vinyl stored in Form Konnect but I have 1800-2000 records, plus books on a floor to ceiling array.

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Kallax here too.

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Yes. Yes and No.

Ok…?? :crazy_face:


It’s sturdy if you don’t tip it on its side.:scream_cat:


Oh my… :flushed:

Ouch!! If that’s yours was any vinyl harmed!?

It’s a bit pricey, but a vote for Tylko here. Easy to put together, stacks, and very good customiser app.

It’s also made of ply, and seems exceptionally strong.

I use their “vinyl” storage template for vinyl, and a standard backless unit for CDs


No. Not mine.

I make sure the long shelves are horizontal and the short shelves vertical. :grinning:

Thank goodness! But also feel for whoever it was, I would be fed up if that happened X)

I use a 3 x 4 for my LP’s. Seems sturdy and no sagging. Very happy with it. :+1:t2:

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Just today I was asking myself the same question and starting to see some photos because I was undecided whether to take another glass piece of furniture …

I use them for mine, they are pretty solid and good value for money

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I like it :thinking::grinning:


Nice to see you’re sharing with your cat.:smiley_cat:

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