Staying in a hotel on the Isle of Wight at the moment. (Staycation) I noticed this lights. Now, if ever there was a light “Designed for Naim” this must be it!


Nice light.

The AC power adaptor to the left looks like a European AC adaptor that has been forced into the socket as the earth pin is missing!!

That’s the Isle of Wight for you. A wild and rebellious place.


Didn’t notice that. :thinking:

Indeed. Can’t get any more edgy than the IOW!
I do love this staycation culture. :joy:



Will it fit in your luggage. :grin:


We cannot condone that type of behavior

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At the risk of incriminating myself………:shushing_face:

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Yaay I have one of those,

I recovered it from a skip at work, ‘Rizzatto Meda Design’
I had to fish about in the skip for the PSU, it’s a big brick-like thing, old school transformer. The green backlight effect on mine is not quite as good since I removed the halogen lamp and fitted an LED. Now runs quite a bit cooler though. :0)


So now you’ve got the Naim lighting sorted I take it you’ll be getting a matching Solstice to replace that old fruit box thing you’re still using?

Aaaah, hang on a minute……….

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Fortunately, the old fruit box is not that old :wink: and while I’m sure the Solstice will sound great I probably won’t be able to convince my better half (or myself) that I need to spend 16k on a third turntable, nor convince myself that I’ll learn to like a platter of that height.

I have to agree, the slim plinth and chunky platter look a bit odd to me.

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Naim should design a lamp… :+1:

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We are onto something. A special edition lamp. Only 500 to be made? Or the “Better than a black box upgrade. The only lamp which Naim equipment works at its best under” ….I’d charge £2000 for the basic version but maybe make a power supply upgrade available? Come on design team, you know you want to……:joy:
I am of course just joking for those of you who think otherwise. :+1::thinking:

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