I'm a RAJAR listener

Chap knocks on the door yesterday and asks if I’d like to be a RAJAR radio audience sampling listener for the week. Offers me a fiver for my troubles too. Given that I’m a Radio 3 listener and they often get a kicking in the listening stats, I said yes before he’d offered me the money.

I have to log every period of radio listening over 5 minutes for the entire week: there’s an easy app to list all my listening. I also get to say whether I’m listening on DAB, FM or AM, so residents of this parish will understand why I’m making sure I’m only on FM this week (actually, it’s what I do anyway, but even so).

Anyone else done this before?


Yes, a few years ago. I had a period of time that I was not able to continue & did not get back into it.
I’m now helping out a local visually impaired group

I post the basic RAJAR Qtr on the forum for those interested in a potential FM switch off

Yes once many, many years ago probably even pre-DAB days. And mainly because I fancied the young woman who called at the door.

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